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Thermaltake Kicks Off 2016 MFC (Modding Fighting Championship)

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Battle of the BestThe Fight to Transform the Core WP100

Taipei, Taiwan-February 3rd, 2016-Thermaltake, the Case MOD market leader, in mid-February will be launching the most exciting modding event of the year, and Thermaltake will invite 11 top modders from all over world to attendthe 2016 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational Season 1. This time, Thermaltake steps up the game, and arranged an ultimate modding contest named the Thermaltake 2016 MFC (Modding Fighting Championship).

Watch the Thermaltake 2016 MFC (Modding Fighting Championship) trailer:

The Thermaltake 2016 MFC (Modding Fighting Championship) will be held at Tt Communityfrom the end of February to the middle of June. The participants are 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 winner, Suchao Prowphong from Thailand and Jesse Palacio from the Philippines, winner of 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2.The two fighters will be using Thermaltake Tt LCS certified liquid cooling components and Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Titanium smart power supply to transform the Thermaltake Core WP100 Super Tower Chassis into a brand new creation!

Beginning on March, everyone is welcome to register to vote for their favorite modders on Tt Community (, and enter a draw to win awesome prizes from Thermaltake. The two Thermaltake 2016 MFC (Modding Fighting Championship) Case MODs will be displayed at the Thermaltake booth at COMPUTEX Taipei 2016 at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan.

Meet the Modders

Suchao Prowphong from Thailand won the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Season 1. He built a double X2 modding case [2 Furious Tower Mod] to honor Paul Walker and also built a custom Thermaltake Thor’s Hammer mini-ITX case mod.

Jesse Palacio “JP Modified”, a top modder from the Philippines, won the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Season 2. He has been modding since the mid-2000s and creates mods for some of the biggest hardware companies in the world. Jesse built an [UNMANNED TANK] which was inspired by actual military weapons and his favorite television shows and games, GI Joe and Modern Warfare.

Thermaltake Core WP100 Super Tower Chassis

The Core WP 100 is the great new challenges for makers to start from zero and experience the true “DIY” by putting every piece together to complete a high-end system. The Core WP100 is the one and only chassis able to house more than 20 HDD cages and up to 10 expansion slots, which can be served as another workstation in the industrial field. With its unprecedented space for high-end hardware and liquid cooling expansion, the Core WP100 supports the latest XL-ATX, E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX motherboards, and also SSI MEB. All standard equipment of the chassis is included, what makers need to purchase is custom liquid cooling components ones need for building up aesthetically-superior water cooling systems by incorporating externally-modular upgrades for their chassis.

Core WP100-

Tt Community

The Tt Community platform ( is open to all users. We welcome you to join us by interacting and sharing valuable information and experiences with one another. Most importantly, your opinions and ideas will help us better understand your desires and expectations of our products and services. Do not hesitate; come register and vote for your favorite modder right away!

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For further information about Thermaltake Technology, please visit, or contact our customer support at 0800-266-818.

About “Thermaltake”

Thermaltake Technology was established in January, 1999 and has been market to the world with “Thermaltake” brand name ever since. The brand personality of Unique, Aggressive, Vivid, and Stylish makes Thermaltake an expert in creating Exciting things and Fascinating environment for gamers and enthusiasts, also Keep them Constantly High physically and mentally.

Moreover, Thermaltake Technology get close to consumers and observe lead users’ behavior and requirement, to design aesthetic and high quality products which will greatly improve system performance and bring the user to the up most potential. With innovative design and unique style, Thermaltake products spread rapidly among the enthusiasts in Case MOD market and soon become the number one choice for Case MOD enthusiasts worldwide. Official website :