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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX chassis launched

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands, August 24th, 2015 - Phanteks today announces the new Special Edition Enthoo Evolv ITX which brings two new colors to the Enthoo Evolv ITX Series. The two color options are PH-ES215P_WT (White with Black Interior) and PH- ES215P_SRD (Black with Red interior).

The Enthoo EVOLV ITX retains the minimalist design from the original EVOLV and features a metal exterior. The case measures at 230 x 375 x 395 mm and is equipped with 1x PH-F200SP fan, front I/O port, 1x SSD Bracket, and 2x 3.5” removable HDD bracket.

The EVOLV ITX is capable of high end video card up to 13 inches in length and supports serious water-cooling. The EVOLV offers a unique bracket solution for the radiator to be mounted on top without any conflicts between the radiator and memory. Extra storage is possible with the included Drop-N-Lock SSD bracket and a Multifunctional mid plate Bracket which allows for mounting reservoir, pump, and SSD/HDD.

There are many upgrade options for the EVOLV ITX. Accessories like, the 3.5” HDD bracket (PH-HDDKT_01), SSD Brackets (PH-SDBKT_01/PH-SDBKT_02),Pump Bracket (PH-PUMBKT_01), and the PWM hub (PH-PWHUB_01) are all compatible with the EVOLV ITX.

Unleash Unlimited Possibilites

“Features such as being very versatile, having a spacious and clean interior and of course making it very easy to build water- cooling systems is what the Enthoo Series is all about.” - Boon Tuoh Khor

Technical Specifications

For more detailed data and specifications information, please visit our website

Pricing and Availability

Available at most local retailers in October, 2015.

The recommended retail price is:

  • PH-ES215P_WT - €79,90/ £54.99 (VAT included)
  • PH-ES215P_SRD - €69,90/ £49.99 (VAT included)


5 Years Limited Warranty