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Chieftec announces: Press release CH-9B-B-OP (PC chassis)

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CHIEFTEC, one of the most renowned case manufacturers in Europe, proudly presents its latest Tower, the CH-09B-B, with a not only extreme competitive pricing and high quality but also sophisticated design that is suitable for office, gaming or server applications. This case was first introduced at this year’s CeBIT and promptly received positive feedback and comments from the press and many visitors.

According to Mr. Eddy Shih, the General Manager of CHIEFTEC’s European branch office, “the CH-09B-B emphasizes the solid workmanship and offers you innovative and high quality features based on the moto: pay less and get more.”

The neat black color gives this case an even more durable and resilient look. All relevant connectors such as the USB and Audio are ergonomically located in the front-middle section of the case.

In the lower front part of the CH-09B-B, a 120mm silent fan with adjustable rotation speed is pre-installed so that heat caused by the hard drives is dissipated accordingly. Furthermore an additional optional 120mm fan can be installed in the rear and two 92mm fans on the left side. The chassis is thereby divided into 2 different thermal chambers which are cooled individually, thereby optimizing the airflow in the inner case.

A special designed and “easy-to-use” motherboard tray enables the owner of this unique chassis to maintain clean and easy cable management which in turn enhances a better airflow.

The interior of the case convincingly provides for the external installation of four 5.25“ and one 3.5“ drive bays whereas six 3.5” hard drives can be comfortably built in.

For more than a decade, CHIEFTEC has been one of the leading companies when it comes to providing innovative and stable mounting solutions for HDDs and ODDs. For this reason, the CH-09B-B is equipped with patented and special-designed ODD clips that allow completely tool-free and absolutely easy installation of ODDs in the chassis.

The CH-09B-B will be available starting in week 17, 2010.

Details of CH-09B-B



Form Factor



(W) 205mm x (H) 488mm x (D) 542mm


 10 kg

Drive Bays (external)

4 x 5,25"
1 x  3,5"

Drive Bays (internal)

6 x 3,5'


1 x 120mm (front)
1 x 120mm (rear – optional)
2 x 92mm (side – optional)

Add-on Cards

7 expansion slots
maximum card length up to 12"

Connectors (front)

2 x USB2.0 1 x Audio in 1 x Mic

PSU (optional)

e.g. A-135 Series, Nitro, etc. (please check www.chieftec.eu)

Scope of Delivery

Manual Accessory Box

Chieftec Accessory

e.g. Backplanes
e.g. card reader


cable management
optimized airflow system
clip for easy ODD installation