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Singularity Cases and Components Now Available

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Singularity Computers is an Australian based PC component manufacturer that specialises in creating some of the most beautiful hardware available. If you’re a fan of high quality, unique modded PC systems with an emphasis on aesthetics Singularity is a dream come true. Their extensive range of products ranges from reservoirs to distro plates and even water-cooled PC cases. Singularity Computers hardware makes it easier to create your own exceptional work of art.

Wraith Mini ITX - Showcase

The Singularity Computers Wraith is a mini-ITX case with extensive options for installing a custom water cooling system. The compact chassis has an integrated distro plate, which acts as a motherboard tray and is made of transparent acrylic glass, and the graphics card is displayed vertically.

The features of the Wraith Mini ITX case at a glance:

  • Mini-ITX case from Singularity Computers
  • Distro-Plate and side parts made of transparent acrylic glass
  • Including vertical GPU holder and riser cable
  • Can hold two 240mm radiators at the same time
  • Up to 13 SSDs and one hard drive possible at the same time
Spectre 2.0 Showcase

The Spectre 2.0 is an E-ATX case with extensive options for installing a custom water cooling system. The mid-tower has an integrated distro plate that acts as a motherboard tray and is made of transparent acrylic glass. The graphics card can be displayed vertically with the enclosed riser cable.

The features of the Singularity Computer Specter 2.0 Midi-Towers at a glance:
  • Showcase for mainboards up to E-ATX 
  • Huge Distro-Plate transparent acrylic glass 
  • Including vertical GPU mount and riser cable 
  • Can hold two 360 mm radiators at the same time 
  • Space for three 2.5-inch drives 

Premium Watercooling Components

Singularity not only build showcases but a full range of high spec, heavily engineered water-cooling components. Singularity computers have designed their products to be highly versatile in order to give you the flexibility and freedom to create your own ideas. When building a unique PC you need as many options as possible and the large product range allows for this. Within the lineup, there is everything you need to realise a stunning high-quality custom loop with plenty of choices when it comes to tubing, reservoirs, pumps, and distro plates.

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