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GAME to stock exclusive range of OverClockers UK gaming PCs

by Mark Tyson on 4 December 2015, 12:11

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GAME and Overclockers UK have hammered out a mutually beneficial arranement which will see powerful pre-built gaming PC systems sold in GAME stores in the UK. It is hoped that the exclusive range of Overclockers UK systems available will make PC gaming more accessible, reports Forbes Magazine.

Popular UK high street video games and consoles retailer GAME will sell Overclockers UK PCs plus PC components and accessories in a specially branded area of its stores. Beyond the off-the-peg gaming PC offerings customers will be able to pick from Overclockers' choice selection of gaming PC upgrades. These come in addition to the GAME range of over 3,000 digital PC products. Illustrating the depth of the partnership GAME's range of PC products and accessories will also be available on the Overclockers UK website. Before its collaboration with GAME, Overclockers UK's only physical presence was its Newcastle-Under-Lyme store.

More gaming PCs in UK bricks and mortar stores can only be a good thing to increase competition with the limited other options available to people shuffling around malls and town centres. Increasing the new gaming PC range's accessibility GAME will include Overclockers UK products in their trade-in, finance and reward schemes.

Forbes says that the first two GAME stores with interactive Overclockers UK areas are located in Manchester's Trafford Centre and in Basingstoke. In the stores "customers will be able to experience the latest PC gaming technology in store as well as receive technical advice and support from in-store experts," says the magazine. More Overclockers UK integrated stores will follow in the coming weeks.

GAME stores scheduled to stock Overclockers UK PC hardware:

  • Basingstoke Unit 15, Festival Place, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 7BE
  • Bournemouth Castle Point Unit 21, Castle Point Shopping Centre, Bournemouth, BH8 9UZ
  • Cardiff 5 Grand Arcade, St Davids 2 Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2ER
  • Chester 46 Forgate Street, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 1HA
  • Glasgow - Braehead Unit 57 Braehead Shopping Centre, Kings Inch Rd, Glasgow, G51 4BP
  • Gloucester Unit 8b Market Way, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Gloucester, GL1 1QH
  • Metro Centre - Gateshead Unit 23 A, Metro centre NE11 9YG
  • Portsmouth 226 Commercial Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 1HG
  • Teeside Park Unit 4b Teeside Park, Stockton, TS17 7BW
  • Trafford Centre - Manchester Unit L29, 46 Peel Avenue, Trafford Centre, Manchester, M17 8DF

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They want more people to get into PC gaming… and so they put the nearest stockist in flippin' Basingstoke??!!
That's like placing a vegan restaurant in the middle of an abattoir!!

I supposed it was because Reading parking charges were just too insane… but then if you can afford an OCUK exclusive PC, you can probably afford The Oracle parking!! :lol:

I guess the real question on everyones' minds about buying OCUK from Game is - “Will there be Haribo?” :lol:
Well it's nice to see more pc prescence in Game, considering for a fair while it was nonexistant, and recently ive started to see a very small pc shelf begin to manifest in the local stores. I still don't intend to buy anything from Game, but it's nice to see none the less.
Went in Southampton Game to try out the new steam controller. Not even stocked. Not holding up any hope this will make it worth going into GAME but I hope to be surprised.
Are they going to up the price of the hardware like what GAME does? GAME has always been so bloody expensive compared to buying online or other retail stores (Like supermarkets)
I can't see this lasting long TBH. My initial feeling is that there will be such a slow movement in stock that it will depreciate faster then they can sell them.

The only way this will work if if they are somehow cheaper then buying direct from OcUK…..