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QOTW: How much memory is inside your main PC?

by Parm Mann on 7 October 2016, 16:31

Tags: G.SKILL, Corsair, Kingston, Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

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Remember when memory was a key consideration to a new PC? These days, cheap-and-cheerful kits are readily available, and with a good chunk of the onus having shifted to the CPU's onboard cache, there's less reliance on premium memory modules when speccing a high-end build.

That isn't to say the temptation isn't there, mind. DDR4 has delivered a sizeable increase in bandwidth, quad-channel configurations are now widely available, 16GB modules have become common, and the big names in the industry are continuing to push higher headline speeds.

To help gauge the temperature of the memory market as it stands today, our question of the week is: how much memory is inside your main PC? Feel free to share speeds and configuration, and we'd be intrigued to know whether or not you deem your current setup adequate for your needs.

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Had to have more than my last PC (24)
16GB on the motherboard, 4GB on the graphics card.

Seems enough.
My home laptop has 8GB, and (iirc) that's the most any computer in my house has.

This week, however, I haven't used my home laptop at all, so my “main” PC is probably my work laptop, which has has 16GB to cope with all those pesky VMs I insist on running (seriously, you'd think that working for the IT department would make it easier to get a non-standard laptop, but it was such a struggle to get something that suited my needs…).
16GB DDR2 run at 667Mhz due stability problems.
2GB on graphics card