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QOTW: Changed your mind on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 August 2013, 16:30

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Sony (NYSE:SNE)

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This week's Gamescom show in Cologne, Germany, has been the backdrop for yet more announcements for the next-gen Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. We've learned that Sony will be launching the PS4 on November 29 in Europe and that 33 titles will be available before the year is out.

Microsoft, not to be outwitted in the PR stakes, as has happened recently, has committed to bringing 50 titles, though only 38 per cent will be exclusive to the One.

So our question this week is whether the announcements have swayed your thoughts - and, more importantly, wallets - in a certain direction? Is the PS4 or Xbox One looking like the better bet right now?

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Nope, still a PS4 for me. The Sony conference was terrible IMO, but im sticking to my guns.
Neither. Still think I shall stick with PC gaming. Very little truly “exclusive” content on either to attract me.
The only thing I might get out of this is the new Microsoft controller, and by get I mean it will be added to a family wishlist so if someone decides to buy it for me as a present I'll get one.

Other than that I'm not interested in spending money on next gen consoles; I am interested in the changes to game development with the hope that games make better use of available RAM on a PC.

Following the news makes for interesting reading with all the U-turns Microsoft have made, I am happy they have made them but wonder if they'll learn from these U-turns or not.
Out of interest, what is the annual spend of people who have pre-ordered these things on tech / gadgets?

I'm at about £6k so far this year, some genuinely needed for work, others just made it easier, and the GoPro was just a toy for me.

Yet I have no desire to pre-order one of these things. I'll happily wait, it won't change my life any. Yet the roomers of a 6inch RT nokia tablet have me ready to spunk some cash.
Neither until at least the first round of decent price cuts, possibly Christmas 2014.