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HEXUS week in review

by Parm Mann on 10 February 2012, 17:13

Tags: HEXUS, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), SilverstoneTek, PowerColor (6150.TWO), Arctic, WD (NYSE:WDC), Namco (TYO:7832)

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The weeks separating CES in January and CeBIT in March can be slow in terms of tech developments, but it's been another busy week in the HEXUS labs!


For anyone in the market for a storage upgrade, check out our review of Intel's first SandForce-powered solid-state drive, the 520 Series. And, if you're planning an entirely new build with heavy-duty storage in mind, take a look at SilverStone's Temjin Series TJ04-E. It may look fairly standard on the outside, but this mid-tower enclosure can house a whopping 19 disk drives.


2012's graphics headlines have been dominated by AMD thus far, and with no sign of a retort from NVIDIA, we're continuing our Radeon HD coverage with a review of PowerColor's excellent 7950 PCS+, and ARCTIC's Accelero Xtreme 7970 cooler.


We've an in-depth review of Namco's SoulCalibur V on Xbox 360, and if your games console isn't fulfilling all of your multimedia needs, we put forward the pros and cons of a third-generation Western Digital Live media player.

In other news, Virgin Media has announced plans to increase call and broadband charges this April, Sony has rebranded the PlayStation Network, Bethesda has released a set of modding tools for the PC version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview will launch on February 29.

On top of all that, the rumour mill has suggested that NVIDIA's Kepler GPUs will arrive with a substantially increased core count, while Amazon is said to be planning retail stores and Apple's iPad 3 looks set for a March unveiling.

That's a wrap for this week, folks, and don't forget; there's still time to enter our latest competition - we're giving you the chance to win a complete Corsair PC Makeover Kit!

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