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QOTW: Will you be buying a GeForce GTX 780?

by Parm Mann on 24 May 2013, 17:30


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The first GeForce GTX 7xx-series card is here. It's fast, beautifully engineered, and provides absurd performance when you tie two together in SLI.

But here's the catch: Nvidia's SRP is $649. On the one hand, that's a whole lot more palatable than a GeForce GTX Titan ($999), but on the other hand it feels expensive compared to previous-generation single-GPU chart toppers.

Still, this is one of the fastest graphics cards around, and that's typically enough to have enthusiasts champing at the bit. So let's hear it from you, the readers. Are you waiting to see what GeForce GTX 770 has to offer? Are you holding out for an AMD riposte? Or have you decided you're buying a GeForce GTX 780? Let us know in the comments below.

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Holding out for the HD9970 before I'd decided, would've prefered some more from Nvidia personally, with all the card bar the 780 being rebrands and the 780 itself being a Titan LE pretty much, I was fairly underwhelmed, its a good card but nothing really new by any stretch.
No, no no, no, no. Nonono, no I'm not buying into Nvidia's marketing to push price higher like they did in the old days. No…no…
I'm thinking of laying off the GTX 700 series till Maxwell as I have the GTX 570's in SLI and in most games I get between 60-100fps in most of the recent games that have come out.
I wish. Gonna be holding out for the 880/9970.
I aint no mug, screw nvidia and their rip off pricing.