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QOTW: What are your impressions of ray-traced graphics?

by Parm Mann on 21 February 2020, 16:31


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We're just over 500 days since the launch of Nvidia's seminal GeForce RTX graphics card. RTX 2080 Ti, based on the forward-looking Turing architecture, heralded an era of ray-traced visuals and potentially the biggest jump in computer graphics for a number of years.

The various tech demos have certainly been impressive, with in-game lighting reaching new levels of realism, and now that developers are getting in on the act, we have a range of titles to try out, ranging from Battlefield V to Quake II RTX. We want to know what you, the end users, make of it all. Have you had the opportunity to experience real-time ray tracing, and if so, has it delivered the expected wow factor, or are you struggling to see past the hype?

Either way, share your thoughts on this week's question: what are your impressions of ray-traced graphics?

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Never seen it in the flesh, tbh i've not seen any demos that have tempted me into throwing silly money at it. I'd like to see how it evolves with the next generation of cards.
I usually upgrade every 4 years or so, but I've been holding off waiting for the next gen of graphics cards that can hopefully hit at least 60fps with RTX on. I've been reading about Geforce Now streaming Cyberpunk 2077 with RTX on at release in September though, so it's got me wondering if I shouldn't spend a ton of money on a new rig and just upgrade my internet package and stream it instead?
I have enjoyed the visuals on the titles I have played, once you have used it you really do notice where non-ray traced reflections, shadows and illumination are lacking in a lot of the finer accuracy, especially with effects that are rendered off screen. Once ray tracing becomes a standard and starts to free up dev time to focus on everything else, that is when it will really get interesting and overall graphical fidelity will improve I think. Performance could be better but having a 2080 @ 1440p has given me acceptable performance at this stage of the tech in all honesty, however, with that being said, if the next round of RTX games like cyberpunk and watch dogs require ampere for it to keep up, then I won't be too happy about the price they asked because there isn't a huge amount of content to sink into even after all this time.
There's nothing wrong with ray tracing and it will obviously feature very prominently in the future, when gfx cards catch up. There's nothing wrong with Nvidia introducing it with their RTX cards - unfortunately, they chose to introduce it via extreme greed.
Ngreedia were quick to introduce RTX pricing at eye-watering levels (particularly the 2080/Ti). They could easily have afforded to introduce this at more acceptable pricing, thus gaining more sales, but chose not to. There's a very sizeable group who chose not to upgrade (particularly those with 1080/Ti) - Ngreedia knows very well they lost these sales through that word again, greed. They've also lost a lot of ‘heart and mind’ points too.
AMD: PLEASE get your drivers fixed and PLEASE have Big Navi show the same love to Ngreedia as your Zen2 products do to $ntel.

Anyway…but yes…RT will be a very,very important and welcome addition to the ‘gfx feature set’. Personally, with more powerful gfx cards, higher gaming resolution and RT, I can see VR really taking off, not least due to significant improvement in immersion.
I think this could be the new 3D TV.