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Archos introduces G9 series tablets

by Hugo Jobling on 24 June 2011, 16:49

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Archos has joined the growing number of companies touting Android 3.1-based tablets, with the launch of its G9 series. Which comes in two varieties: the 8in 80G9 and 10.1in 101 G9.

The two tablets have more similarities than differences. The big divider is, of course, the display size and resolution; the 8in model has a 1,024 x 768 pixel screen, while the 10in G9 packs a 1,280 x 800 pixel model. The outer chassis may vary, but under the covers the two tablets are nigh indistinguishable.

Both members of the G9 series pack 1.5GHz dual-core OMAP 4 processors, powering the Android 3.1 operating system. There's an ADMI output for playing back 1080p video, which the system should chew through without an issue, and a full-sized USB port. The main purpose of this is to accept the optional 3G dongle offered for the G9 tablets, which can augment the built-in Wi-Fi connection.

In typical Archos style both solid-state and mechanical hard drives are offered, topping out at 250GB capacity. The hard drive model is 3mm thicker than the SSD version of the G9, and is also heavier, by 134g and 106g for the 8in and 10.1in models, respectively. For those who need more than 16GB of build-in capacity (which can be extended with a MicroSD card) option to sacrifice a little lightness will no doubt be an easy one to make - especially as rival tablets don't even offer the choice.

The prices of the 80 G9 and 101 G9 are fairly comparative. The 10.1in model starts at £259 and the 8in tablet from £199. Even taking into account the £50 cost of adding a 3G dongle, that's a fair saving over a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom - although no doubt the manufacturers of those will claim they offer a far better experience.

And speaking of the Galaxy Tab; it's been confirmed that the Tab 10.1 will launch in the UK on 4 August, while the 8.9in model is promised "later in the year." We can hardly wait.

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It seems that the tablet uses an SGX540 graphics processor:


Since the SGX540 is clocked at 380MHZ and the SGX543MP2 dual graphics processor at 200MHZ the G9 series maybe not too far behind an iPad2 in graphics performance.

If Archos can at least use even a decent TN panel the G9 tablet looks like decent value for money at under £300.
manufacturers need to make a standardized 3G dongle/indent for tablets…
The 10.1in model starts at £259 and the 8in tablet from £199. In typical Archos style both solid-state and mechanical hard drives are offered, topping out at 250GB capacity.
I like the price of the 10“ one very much, and I'm assuming that because it's got 3.1 on it that there's also Google Market Place. I was just about to wonder out loud why anyone would need 250GB of storage on a tablet, then I remembered that Archos have been beating the video-on-the-move drum for a long time.
Is it just me being overenthusiastic or does the 10” make the Galaxy Tab and Xoom look a tad overpriced? Of course, the cynic would argue that Archos is bound to find someway to screw it up.
There's an ADMI output for playing back 1080p video
Possible typo - shouldn't that be HDMI (or is there yet another video port variation?)
Whats Archos build quality usually like?

At those prices its an absolute steal and actually makes the tablet seem quite tempted when put next to a netbook.
Here are some previews of the G9 tablets:



The body is plasticky but has a metal frame underneath. The screen is also not too bad. They both come with 16GB of storage. The 1.5GHZ dual core TI OMAP 4440 SoC and SGX540 means this is one of the fastest Android tablets. I suspect it the hardware is faster than the Tegra 2.