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Samsung scrollable smartphone seen in newly unearthed patent

by David Ross on 1 December 2015, 14:36

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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Mobile tech patent spotters over at Patently Mobile have unearthed some interesting recent patents from Samsung showing some far-out designs which would rely on emerging flexible and bendable technologies for screens, batteries and electronics. The patents site highlights a wide range of promising mobile designs including; a scrollable mobile where the screen retracts into a cylinder, a folding smartphone with an icon tabbed edge, a hinged opening smartphone and another bendable design.

If you've ever jostled with a pop-up exhibition stand you might think this promotional business equipment is the inspiration behind Samsung's scrollable smartphone. As you can see in the image above, in it's rolled up state users are presented with a baton-like mobile device. One edge of the device features a display panel – probably based upon technology and notification software developed for the Galaxy Edge range of smartphones. When using this smart device, or a notification prompts you to, you can pull out the large screen rolled up with in the tube.

A previous demonstration of scrollable screen device tech

In its notes Samsung says the screen will be either an OLED or a flexible LCD display with plastic film substrate. Interestingly the screen could self-extend from the cylinder under power, with the click of a button or icon on the main device cylinder display. In an example of this smart extending technology, the user presses the calendar icon on the cylinder and out pops the large flexible display showing the full calendar.

As mentioned in the intro, Samsung also has new patents for various folding and flexing designs, most offer variations on the folding notebook theme.

So will any of these designs see the light of day? Companies like Samsung make many similar patents that never get made into shipping products. However it's good to see them, as sometimes we may be seeing into the future of mainstream gadgetry. Just over a month ago we were tipped by SamMobile that a foldable device would indeed be released by Samsung in January next year. After so many technology demonstrations, leaks and rumours it's good that such a device will perhaps, at last, be launched. The first such foldable screen toting smartphone is apparently dubbed 'Project Valley' and looks like a small wallet. With a January launch date this daringly different smartphone should be on show at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

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So carrying in my pocket, oh no I've accidentally clicked my phone and it's unrolling in my pocket!!! Everyone stares and wonders what's that in my trousers…..
Isn't a patent like this invalid due to prior art, if it was used in a movie/tv show before? Pretty sure I've seen something like this already.
I keep seeing all this stuff advertised, shown of, proven, demoed etc and yet we're still no closer to holding anything other than the same old “iPhone-rip-off-how-dare-you-sue-sue-sue” designs that have bored me ever since they stopped putting proper keyboards on phones.

When can I have (and afford) one???!!
I don't care if it's wrapped around itself, my wrist or (ahem), but can we please start seeing more than just concept demos?
Isn't a patent like this invalid due to prior art, if it was used in a movie/tv show before? Pretty sure I've seen something like this already.

This is not a design patent but a patent on methods of controlling such a device. Which IMO is invalid, and probably will be contested, but companies do file this type of patent.
Like the curvature of the edges of the Apple iPhone xD