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Last chance: Win a Huawei Nexus 6P smartphone

by HEXUS Staff on 10 January 2016, 01:01

Tags: Huawei

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We hope you've enjoyed the 2015 Epic Giveaway! In partnership with ARM, HEXUS gave all our readers the chance to win amazing new gadgets every day over the holiday season. Our incredible run of prizes saw us gift thousands of pounds' worth of hardware, and though the giveaway sadly has to come to an end, there's still time to claim your last-minute entries!

On the final day of the Epic Giveaway we gave you the chance to win the brilliant Nexus 6P superphone. The deadline for entries is midnight tonight, do don't miss out, follow this link to enter and thank you once again for taking part.

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Already in! tnx Hexus
Please give me one chance to win this gadgets
i dont have mobile phone..hope i win tiz gadget..