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The Queen has a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 but no iPad

by Alistair Lowe on 16 November 2012, 09:45

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Apple has gained many endorsements over the years, with its products featured in no-end of commercials, TV shows and movies, especially over in the US. In the UK, however, the firm has just lost-out to Samsung when it comes to a rather special endorsement.

As part of the Jubilee Time Capsule (JTC) project, the Queen has been presented with and, is actively using, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android tablet to peruse text, photographs and videos that have been submitted as candidates for the time capsule, a collection which is currently 150GB in size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Apparently the JTC committee approached both Apple and Samsung for a sales pitch, to help determine which tablet would be most suitable for the project and for the Queen, with Samsung emerging victorious, though for reasons unexplained.

We could have suggested that the Galaxy Note 10.1's microSD expansion-slot would have been a selling point, to store more of the 150GB large database in a single shot, however apparently only 60 of the 80,000 entries have been placed on the tablet, suggesting that only internal memory was utilised.

We suspect the real reason for the Note's victory was its Wacom pen interface, which would allow for user-friendly feedback to be placed directly onto viewed content and, perhaps Android's extra flexibility when it comes to shuffling storage and various file-formats around without the aid of iTunes.

No doubt Samsung is quite proud of itself, knowing that its Galaxy Note 10.1 now has a permanent home in Windsor Castle; for anyone interested in the JTC project, you can head over to: www.jubileetimecapsule.org

The Queen with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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I saw this earlier in the week, was quite surprised it was a Samsung…

Mind you, it's more likely you'd be able to charge the Samsung in the future…
As an ardent Royalist and Apple-hater (Apple user because of work, and they suck), I have to say that this made me warm and fuzzy inside :)

that picture made me laugh!

Quite the contrast to me sat on the bog with my nexus xD
Hahahaha - anti-Apple news galore this week :)
Does this mean that Samsung get to apply for a royal warrant? (assuming they haven't got one already of course). I've also got to wonder if the “undisclosed reasons” for Apple not getting the gig could be due to use in adverts etc - or maybe Apple wanted the copyright on the Queen's image? ;)

Got to say that I'm kind of tempted by the Note 10.1 - especially since Tesco Direct are advertising it at a “mere” £318 for the 16GB model (which is plenty for me since the Note's got a uSD slot). I'm thinking that it could be a very good (and high tech) replacement for the scruffy A4 pad that I have to drag into meetings, take notes at my desk etc. Yes, I know I could use an iPad, but the SPen (and Wacom digitizer) strike me as a good match for my need to do the odd diagram/sketch. Now if that'd been a WindowsRT box then I'd be plumping my money down now no questions asked (I've already got a decent Android tablet).

Speaking of the Tesco deal, I can't see any sign to the contrary - but does anyone know whether the cashback deal that Samsung are doing at the moment applies to the Tesco price? If so, then I'm very, very, very tempted - since that'd be “only” £278 (or put it another way - a tenner more than an iPad mini for a device that'd suit me far better).