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Samsung officially confirms quad-core Exynos 4412 for GALAXY S III

by Alistair Lowe on 26 April 2012, 09:52

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At long last speculation can finally end. Samsung has officially announced the availability of its Exynos 4412 quad-core SoC and, within its press release, confirmed that the chip is heading to the next GALAXY smartphone, that's to be released in May.

With all four cores running, the chip is expected to clock in at 1.4GHz, though Samsung has confirmed that the chip also has the ability to switch off an entire core and scale both voltage and frequency, with the firm's wording suggesting that the chip will go beyond 1.4GHz under scenarios that don't fully utilise all four cores. Thanks to a jump from 45nm down to 32nm, Samsung claims that the CPU has twice the performance of the Exynos 4210 found in the GALAXY S II, whilst consuming 20 per cent less power.

In its press release, the firm didn't go into much detail over the graphics card, so it may be reasonable to assume that suggestions of an overclocked Mali-T400 were correct, however, benchmarks claiming to be of the GALAXY S III have leaked onto the web and are showing promising graphical performance, with the supposed S III besting Tegra 3-based devices and Apple's iPhone 4S, whilst fighting toe-to-toe with the iPad 3.

GALAXY S III 3D Benchmark

Something Samsung did take note to mention, however, was that the quad-core variant of the Exynos series would feature a new codec and image signal processing engine, allowing for 30 frame-per-second playback of multiple 1080p HD video formats and enhanced camera functionality.

Exynos 4 quad-core

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Sounds good enough to me.
Or you could buy a Windows Phone that's faster than android quad core phone and it only has a single core processor.
Judging by recently leaked benchmarks I doubt that much and is impossible to claim at this stage. Yes windows phone does require less specs but ics has taken a step in the right direction there. It's personal choice isn't it but I for on am glad Samsung and android are driving the industry forward.
+1, agreed.
Sounds good enough to me.
That's what I thought too - processor description sounds suspiciously like all the tricks that desktop processors use. As long as Sammy aren't bl**dy daft enough to (a) go for fixed battery and (b) use MicroSIM, then the GSIII might jump into #1 slot for my next phone. :)
Or you could buy a Windows Phone that's faster than android quad core phone and it only has a single core processor.
Define “faster” - i.e. are you talking benchmarks or that nebuluous “user perception”? WP7 is pretty good but, as “mark22” says in post #4, each successive version of Android is markedly better than the last wrt performance. Recently I was able to try a 3rd party ICS build on an old HTC Desire, and to be honest it was just as responsive as iPhone4S or Lumia800 (the latter being the WP7 phone I'd buy if I defect from Android).

Remember WP7 reputedly doesn't do proper multitasking, instead it's suspend-n-resume. Given that, you can see why having multicore on Android (which does do multitasking) would be desireable - letting you run apps concurrently with no slowdown.