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Froyo for Samsung Galaxy S delayed again

by Sarah Griffiths on 21 October 2010, 16:13

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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Froyo friction

Samsung has confirmed the Android 2.2 update for its Galaxy S handsets has been pushed back to November, after yet another delay.

It had previously been announced that owners of the popular handset could expect the Froyo update this week and benefit from features including better navigation apps and faster performance...but alas this is no longer the case.

While there seems to be no explicit reason for the delay, Samsung said the Froyo software is being tested with UK operators and will be available in the UK ‘from early November'.

"We expect all operator versions of the software to be fully tested and downloadable by the end of November," it said.

The upgrade will be available via Samsung's in-house software upgrade programme called Kies, an update version of which will be downloadable from The firm also said it will publish video tutorials on how to upgrade.

Key benefits of the Froyo upgrade include: a boost in browser performance including navigation and a pinch and zoom feature, enhanced user interface with brighter colours and Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation.

Froyo will also add Adobe Flash Player 10.1, better message editing and the ability to save apps to a memory card, plus a search-in-browser to the handset.

Simon Stanford, MD of mobile for Samsung UK and Ireland, said: "Samsung are committed to providing our customers with the best possible mobile experience, and this upgrade enhances the incredible features of the Galaxy S handset. We also want the upgrade process to be simple and hassle-free for customers, hence the new version of our Kies software and the step-by-step video guides."

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Really, mod reg to state your phone is Scandinavian then you can get the release of Froyo ;)
Queue further OTT complaining about how Samsung are the worst company in the world…

Really, mod reg to state your phone is Scandinavian then you can get the release of Froyo ;)

Or just use ODIN and you don't near to go near KIES at all.
lol a few weeks.
I would love to only wait a few weeks sony announced that my x10i would have android 2.1 by april this year (that announcement was made when it was released ) then it was pushed to september now it's pushed to end of october MAYBE!!!. we will get 2.1 about the same time android 3 comes out.

If samsung are bad Sony are absolutely useless.
If samsung are bad Sony are absolutely useless.

Sums them both up quite well….

I think the update is not because of the OS, but because Samsung want to fix many other software bugs which are causing the phone problem - and they are struggling to fix them.
If samsung are bad Sony are BEYOND absolutely useless.

Fixed that for you!