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Samsung shares its C-Lab Showcase lineup for CES 2020

by Mark Tyson on 31 December 2019, 11:32

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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For the fifth year in a row, Samsung C-Lab will be participating in the CES 2020 event, with a showcase of its delight / fright products. As a reminder, Samsung C-Lab is an in-house incubation program which encourages and nurtures inventive staff to create products which could snowball into the next big thing.

Previous C-Lab output can be found in the HEXUS archives here. For example one of the highlights last year was the Girin Monitor Stand, which used a sensor to tracks user posture in real-time and adjust monitor position to improve / correct human posture.

There are five C-Lab Inside projects announced for the showcase this year. I will briefly outline each below:

SelfieType: This is simply an AI powered finger movement analysis app which converts those movements into QWERTY keyboard input. The device selfie cam - on smartphone, tablet or laptop - is used to watch the finger movements, as per the name. Samsung says the software is smart and adaptable. Sadly Samsung hasn't shared a video of SelfieType in action.

Hyler: Hyler is simply a digital highlighter pen that captures and sends text data to your smart or computing device. An app can be used to capture and manage Hyler data and it has a search function which can bring in search engine or dictionary data.

Becon: This is an image analyser and app custom designed for scalp and hair care. The camera and sensor packing device scans the scalp condition, analyses the data and suggests solutions based upon its big-data metrics. It can then chart the improvement of your hair over time.

SunnySide: SunnySide is an answer to the potential problem of lack of sunlight in the winter months. This device is window shaped, can be installed on any wall next to a power outlet, and produces full spectrum artificial sunlight - without any skin aging or sunburn effects.

Ultra V: This is a sensor and service that record ultraviolet light rays. The sensor is said to have a wide incident angle, which is good for wearables. An associated app can monitor things like skin exposure and Vitamin D production.

As well as the above internal projects, Samsung will be showcasing several 'C-Lab Outside' projects which have started on the route to commercialisation. They might be start-ups with financial support, business collaboration, and opportunities already developed to move forward. One example is the FITT PHR (Personal Health Record) healthcare data platform.

Other C-Lab Outside showcases will include; the Circulus humanoid robot for single-person households, the Vtouch eye tracking device control interface, and Smoothy group video chat app with Samsung AR Emoji.

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