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Samsung DeX Pad dock images leaked

by Mark Tyson on 9 February 2018, 11:11

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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Images of the new Samsung DeX Pad dock have leaked. This latest edition of the Samsung DeX will transform the Galaxy S9 into a ‘desktop PC’ without the user needing to collect together a mouse and keyboard. Unlike the previous DeX dock, you will only need an HDMI monitor as the phone screen can be utilised as a touchpad or a virtual keyboard. Last year’s DeX dock held the S8 upright.

Arch leakster Evan Blass shared images of the new DeX Pad a few hours ago. It is pictured from two angles and with and without a docked Samsung Galaxy S9. In the solo picture, above, you can see the male USB Type-C connector for the bottom edge of the phone. Under the rounded edge to the foreground you can see (left to right) a pair of USB Type-A ports, an HDMI port, and a USB Type-C power input.

In the above image of the dock the viewpoint spins round so you are looking from behind the phone connector – with the Samsung Galaxy S9 cradled firmly in place. In this picture you can see the S9’s 3.5mm headphone combi jack and a speaker port either side of the USB Type-C connector post.

According to earlier information gleaned from an Evan Blass post on Venture Beat, the new DeX dock will be backwards compatible, allowing S8 and S8+ owners to make use of its improved form factor.

Expect a full reveal of the new Samsung flagship phones and this DeX dock at the Unpacked event on 25th Feb.

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That vent on the top - cooling? You should be able to get the phone SOC to run boost clocks for longer with air blown over the phone (and no user complaining if the back of the phone gets over ~30C, as it's no longer handheld), and since it's charging at the same time there's no battery life worries
Either that, or a speaker?
Why do these idiots never design their bloody things to work with phones inside a protective case?