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DestinatorTM SP GPS navigation software for smartphones

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Munich, Germany, (January 31st 2005) - No matter whether you are in a car, riding a bike or on foot, with the DestinatorTM SP GPS navigation system and a smartphone in your pocket you’ll always be heading in the right direction.

DestinatorTM SP is set to turn Microsoft Windows powered phones like the Orange SPV C500, into fully functioning satellite navigation systems with the introduction of its DestinatorTM SP Smartphone software.

Phone owners need never worry about getting lost ever again as, courtesy of the SP system, their mobile will be able to guide them to their destination using both on screen maps and voice instructions.

The superb software will make bulky GPS units a thing of the past, as phone owners will be able to access satellite navigations systems wherever they are.

Set to launch in early February the system comprises a Royaltek Bluetooth GPS antenna and the DestinatorTM SP software, which is installed on the mobile phone via its memory card (SD, MMC, MiniSD, RC-MMC). The pocket-sized antenna connects to the phone wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The simple to use software includes maps of the UK and can be upgraded to add maps of other European countries.

Once the owner has input a destination (an address, one of thousands of points of interests like for example a hotel, restaurant etc.) into the phone, the DestinatorTM SP software then works out the fastest and easiest route for the traveller to follow. The directions are then displayed in 2D or 3D maps or in step-by-step guides all of which have been optimised for the smaller screen of smartphones.

For drivers who need to keep their eye on the road the DestinatorTM SP also features audio instructions that give turn-by-turn directions through the phone's integrated speakers.

In addition to guiding users to their destination the software also offers several other innovative facilities. For example it enables the user to send a text message to another mobile phone delivering details of their exact location where it can be immediately used for precise navigation. Should the recipient not have DestinatorTM SP, however, the text message will still show the address and geo data. This can save valuable time if a car has been involved in an accident or is in need of roadside repair.

Another of the DestinatorTM SP’s innovative facilities is the ability to work out an instant route to a favourite address, or even an address that has been stored in the phone’s Microsoft Outlook application.

The DestinatorTM SP system is compatible with all Windows powered smartphones including recent models like the Orange SPV C500, Motorola MPx220 and Sagem My-S8.

Package Content and Availability

The standard package DestinatorTM SP contains the navigation software, maps of UK and Ireland preinstalled on a 256 MB memory card, Bluetooth GPS receiver including car charger as well as a universal car mount. DestinatorTM SP will be available in February 2005 from http://www.smartdevicesdirect.com, http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk and other leading IT resellers. The recommended reseller price for the full package will be around £173 plus VAT.