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Dungeon Keeper available free via Origin 'On the House'

by Mark Tyson on 7 October 2016, 10:01

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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Highly rated 1990s strategy title Dungeon Keeper is EA/Origin's latest freebie giveaway. It is available now via Origin On the House for free and until this offer went live was selling for £4.25 / $4.99.

The last time Dungeon Keeper was in the HEXUS news it was due to adverts for the new mobile reboot of the game being banned by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The 'free game' advertisements were deemed to be misleading as gameplay would be "severely limited" if no in-app purchases were made.

Players of the PC version of the game obtained for free via Origin from today won't have any microtransactions or other payments to bother them in-game, it is a full game that is totally free.

Dungeon Keeper was first released back in 1997. The game was developed by Bullfrog Productions under the stewardship of Peter Molyneux. On release Dungeon Keeper received crititcal acclaim thanks to its compelling gameplay, stylish graphics, and overall uniqueness. Now it is widely regarded as a classic strategy title.

Your task in the game is, in brief, to build dungeons using the point & click interface, which are resistant to looters and 'hero' characters. You are helped by various imps who can mine, build, and even set traps in your dungeons.

With the game's age come very low minimum system requirements, so you could easily play this on a puny Windows laptop, tablet, or 2-in-1. Usually with such games a bigger worry is compatibility with Windows 10 but I've had good experiences with old PC games distributed via Origin previously.

Dungeon Keeper PC is available 'On the House' immediately, but for a limited time.

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Oh the memories…
For your nocturnal fortitude you have been given a tip for the realm……..Go to bed!!!

That is on DK2, I got that after I started playing when I got in from work one night, got in around 1am and that happened after 2am

Wonder if this is the Win95 or DOS version. On GOG you get both, Win 95 certainly looks better.

EDIT : It is the DOS version running through DosBox, you can change to high res mode once in your dungeon by pressing Alt & r, looks a lot nicer. If you want the Win 95 gold version then you need to buy it from GOG, the gold version also has the expansion included.
Didn't we already have Dungeon Keeper “On the House”? Must check when I'm back home.

Well, at the very least it shows there's life af NoX. That game had been “On the House” for ages.

EDIT: Ferral is correct. Got the free version (Dungeon Keeper Gold) from GOG.
Dungeon Keeper was free in on of the GOG sales for 24 hours earlier this year

Funnily enough this weekend it is an EA promotion on GOG and you can get the gold edition for £1.89, there are also other titles like Ultima, Magic Carpet and so on equally as cheap
If you want the Win 95 gold version then you need to buy it from GOG, the gold version also has the expansion included.

or just use the CD version you still have on the self, next to the floppy version of bubble dizzy - prince of the yolkfolk.

*includes bonus obligatory random panda I have :p