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Gameplay footage from The Division closed alpha leaks

by Mark Tyson on 21 December 2015, 12:01

Tags: Ubisoft (LON:UBI)

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Tom Clancy's The Division was playable as a closed alpha earlier this month. It is usual policy to prohibit those taking part in such closed tests from publishing video footage and screenshots, as was the case this time around. However there are a series of videos showing actual gameplay from this release live on YouTube at the time of writing.

YouTuber DeproFan has a series of three 20 minute video segments showing gameplay footage of The Division closed alpha. I've embedded the first of the segments above, it includes your character design at the beginning, before setting off to be dropped into the first mission scenario via helicopter. Please be aware that these videos may be removed, so if you are interested in seeing gameplay from The Division its best to look through these videos now, before any digital whackamole commences. The YouTube footage is from Xbox One.

The Division is described in brief, by publisher Ubisoft, as an online open-world RPG experience. It is set in a chaotic, devastated New York city. You are a Division agent sent in to help restore order to this complex world. To progress you will develop your character, taking part in missions, utilising your skills, wits and experience. You will be in dynamic environment which combines Tom Clancy style authenticity and tactics with RPG action, loot, trading and social elements.

Last week we saw an official The Division trailer published by Ubisoft with a Christmassy theme. The trailer asks "When our world is on the brink of collapse, what's left for us to save?" Pretty bleak, but a good scene setter to whet your appetite for the game launch.

The Division live action trailer

Tom Clancy's The Division is scheduled for release on next gen consoles and PC on 8th March 2016. Ubisoft is offering beta access to those who are willing to pre-order the title.

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Removed from Youtube already. A quick search can find mirrors (hint: Reddit), but I won't post them here just in case.
If this was being made by pretty much any other publisher I'd maybe think about buying at launch. As it's UbiSh** however I'll wait until Uplay dies and it's up on a Steam Sale instead.
I mistakenly bought the Tom Clancy Humble Bundle a short while ago. Why was it a mistake? Because it requires uplay.

I haven't used it in a while, but when I did it crashed, failed to load and failed to detect achievements/settings etc.

I really hope it dies soon.
Can't say I've had any problems with Uplay in the 18 months or so I've used it. Not a regular user over that time but found it to work reliably, even if it is a bit basic.

Tried watching a few of the Alpha leaks for The Division. All I could think of while watching was these newbies are why we have NDA's. Terrible players who have no idea how to play aren't a good introduction to the game for others. Trying to learn anything about the game from someone who complains about the guns and doesn't even reload between fights is impossible. To be honest I'm glad Youtube took them down.
CDKeys.com had this for pre-order on PC for £20. I think it's now gone up to £23, but still much cheaper than the Uplay shop