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GOG kicks off its annual Big Winter Sale

by Mark Tyson on 3 December 2015, 11:01

Tags: Good Old Games, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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GOG has kicked off its annual winter games sale. The Big Winter Sale will offer over 500 deals and discounts as deep as 90 per cent off. During the sale period you will be able to enjoy a selection of daily deals and bundles, free games (unlocked by sale purchases) and take pot luck by buying 'mystery games'. The GOG Big Winter Sale will end at 2pm GMT on Sunday 13th December.

In today's daily deals section you can snap up The Witcher: Wild Hunt for £24.99 plus other Witcher games at significant discounts. Other big name games on special offer today include various Metro games, Alan Wake games and Deus Ex games. If something is on a daily deal today, it doesn't mean it won't be featured in a daily deal again at a later date. There's also a quartet of bundles on offer; two Star Wars bundles, a Lucasfilm classics bundle and a pack of Divinity games. It is noted that discounts won't be any different the next time a game or bundle reappears in the current GOG sale.

Interestingly GOG will provide a button to buy 'mystery games' for $3/£2, which don't come from the range that are in the Big Winter Sale. As a GOG member, "games you don't own will be prioritised" by the mystery algorithm. GOG guarantees each mystery game selected for you will be worth between $9.99 and $34.99 in your local currency.

As mentioned in the intro, GOG customers can qualify for free games based upon their spending level in the sale. A $5 purchase will qualify you to get Divine Divinity for free, $50 of purchases will net you Blackguards. These games can be kept or gifted to friends.

Steam Winter Sale

Steam's winter sale goes live on 22nd December, running until 4th January.

Origin 'On the House'

Jade Empire: Special Edition Origin's latest On The House title. This game was originally released 10 years ago and was developed by BioWare. In the game you experience an epic story as you become a martial arts master.

Origin On the House freebies can come and go rather quickly so if you are interested in Jade Empire click and add it to your collection sooner rather than later. Once you've done that its yours to keep and install on your system at a later date.

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Well the mystery game was rubbish for me. Jade empire - Already own it on steam and its free on origin today…
“An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #97.ed5661cb.1449163479.147a0872”

One day GoG will have fixed their server problems for everyone. One day…
The free game qualifier for Gog roughly translates into GBP:
$5.00 (£3.39) Divine Divinity
$50.00 (£33.29) Blackguards

These are not as good as the fall freebies, but they may change them or be added to over time.

I'll be giving up my copy of Divine Divinity. I can see exactly the type of gamer it appeals to and looks like a good one but it doesn't do it for me and would be wasted in my library.
Well the mystery game was rubbish for me. Jade empire - Already own it on steam and its free on origin today…
Thanks for sharing. I needed something interesting to read.
Thanks for sharing. I needed something interesting to read.

Well I thought someone might be interested to know what sort of games where appearing as mystery game. Obviously that's no interest to you - fine. No need to post a reply.