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The Intel Core2 Extreme Challenge!!

by Nick Haywood on 3 April 2007, 15:18

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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At last, a PROPER gaming tourney!

Calling all gamers! If ever you wanted a tournament that let the non-pros of the world have a crack at the big prizes, Intel have delivered the goods... with spades!

The Intel Core2 Extreme Challenge is a tournament designed for all budding champions with a prize fund of over £12,000 including £3,000 pounds of cold, hard wonga to get your hands on.

Ranged over three games, CS 1.6, CS:S and CoD2, a variety of tournament partners will run each event. The winners of each tournament will then be invited to take on some of Europe’s finest pro-gamers, such as 2006’s World No. 1 clan, fnatic.

But alongside the main event’s Intel will also be giving you plenty of opportunity for winning more goodies with weekly mini-tournaments.

And, if you happen to be as cack-handed as me at CS, then worry not as you can still make some money with a bit of virtual betting. Working a bit like fantasy football, you can bet on the outcome of matches and the top gamblers on the leaderboard will be getting themselves a selection of cool stuff once the main events are over.

You can read all about the details in this Intel Core2 Extreme Press Release.

So, if you fancy getting in on a tournament that’s been designed specifically for the average gamer and even the useless gamer (like me), then get yourself over to the Intel Core2 Extreme Challenge website and sign up... NOW!

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