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Humble Origin Bundle 2 launched

by Mark Tyson on 15 April 2015, 10:05

Tags: Origin, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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Humble Bundle has launched its second Origin games bundle. All the games come from EA/Origin and include titles from the following series; Dragon Age, Command and Conquer, Mass Effect and Medal of Honour.

As usual there are a number of payment tiers available. In this case you can pay what you want (>$1 for Origin and Steam key access) for a base collection of five games which are; Dragon Age: Origins, Peggle, Dead Space 2, Command & Conquer Generals + Zero Hour, and Medal of Honour Allied Assault War Chest. To try and tempt you to 'beat the average' the Humble Bundle is offering the following extra games to purchasers; Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Dragon Age II, Bejeweled 3, and Mass Effect 2. Plus, as is often the case now, there will be other games added to the bundle for those who pay more than the average at the time of purchase.

As an Origin bundle you will not be surprised to hear that all of the games are played via the Origin client. However some of the games can be activated in Steam, if you prefer. The Steam compatible games are both Dragon Age titles, Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2. If you are a Mac gamer only Dragon Age II and Bejeweled 3 run natively on your OS X system.

The Humble Bundle home page declares that the current full selection of games would be worth $134 in retail if bought separately. The current average price you will have to beat to qualify for the higher tier games and bonus titles, as and when announced, is $4.78 (£3.25). Purchasers can move $$$ sliders around to distribute payment contribution amounts between charities and the optional Humble tip.

The Humble Origin Bundle 2 purchase period will expire in 13 and a half days from now. 166,000 bundles have already been sold.

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If I wasn't so anti-EA / Origin…this would be a good bundle!
mass effect 2 but not 1? lolk
Mass Effect 1 was in the last Origin Bundle, perhaps they don't want a complete clone of the past this time round. But if I remember, it was only the Sims in the last bundle that was non-steam.

This time round theres a lot more origin exclusives. Has anyone used origin of late? How is it?
Will this be the first Humble Bundle with day one DLC????
Ordered it - got the Origin key (all games activate on Origin with one code, so no gifting) and 4 Steam keys within about 30 seconds.

Steam keys for ME2, DS2, DA:O and Bejeweled 3 - so even if you never open the Origin client (which is relatively non-obtrusive) you have 3 AAA games and a game that will take many hours of your life, without realizing it, for <$5.00 US, plus whatever they put on the list next week (if you give more than the average, you also get the continued offerings next Tuesday).

As for Origin - it's mostly unobtrusive. You need an account. Offline mode is sometimes a pain, but it's getting better. It's no more ‘evil’ than the Steam client (or any other client). And it is, to a degree, more secure - unlike Steam, every time you start it, it will ask for a username/password. Some may consider that inconvenient. Others will find that welcoming.

And, most importantly, the money goes to charity, other than a small % (that you set) that goes to the Humble Bundle people.

It's worth it.

(and the post is mistaken in one aspect - Dragon Age 2 does NOT come with a Steam key, unless the EU gets something the US doesn't)