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EA will save three Battlefield games from GameSpy shutdown

by Mark Tyson on 11 April 2014, 14:29

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Battlefield 2142 (PC)

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With the GameSpy online matchmaking client set to shut down on 31st May gamers have been wondering what will happen to some of their favourite games titles after that deadline. A long list of titles affected in one way or another by GameSpy's multiplayer services closure is listed on Reddit. However EA has now provided Battlefield fans some relief by informing them that it will be handling server transitions, so several top Battlefield games will remain playable. (The Reddit page is yet to be updated with EA's latest statement.)

Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be transitioned to a new multiplayer service stated EA/Origin in a Twitter post. The games publishing giant responded to a Twitter query from 'Tofu Games' as below, with its reassuring no-messing about answer:

Many Reddit list worries can now be soothed because as well as EA/Origin's newly stated support of these Battlefield transitions it contains statements from Activision, Bohemia Interactive, Capcom and Epic about plans to migrate key titles from GameSpy to alternative systems.

However, as mentioned by PC Gamer, prominent games publisher 2K Games seems to be dragging its heels in forming a response as the gaming community still awaits to see what will happen with its old GameSpy powered titles such as Borderlands.

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Recently picked up B:BC2 again after over a year away, and love it so much. Haven't played B3 or B4 since i refuse to use Origin (anyone let me know if it's still a pigs ear?), but BC2 remains awesome. Looks great too.
I have no problems with Origin, never have really. What were your gripes with it?
Honestly? That ‘it’s not Steam' is my main gripe.
I dont want multiple accounts for different game environments. I have absolutely no interest in whether it's a better business model for EA to have their own store, the fact is that it's a worse customer experience to have multiple stores. I also dont think that it's anything like as well designed as Steam is, and they keep mucking me about with email verifications left right and centre, and because i use it very infrequently i forget my passwords….
The day they decided not to launch BF3 through Steam was the day they alienated me.
Well on that basis, you still wont like it, its still not steam :p
I just checked. You're right :)