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Star Wars: Attack Squadrons first details and video trailer released

by Mark Tyson on 18 December 2013, 10:05

Tags: LucasArts Entertainment, Disney, PC

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Disney has published the first details and a video trailer for its upcoming Star Wars: Attack Squadrons video game. As a player you will take place in epic space battles in your customised X-Wing or Tie Fighter spaceship. This will be a free-to-play (F2P) title when it comes to market and Disney has opened up applications for would be space pilots to sign up for beta testing duties.

Disney says there are three game modes available for you to enjoy your "intense player-vs-player (PVP) action" in Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. The modes are as follows:

  • Free for all: death matches with up to 16 players
  • Team Dogfight: join up with the rebels or the empire
  • Base Defence: your own and the enemy team have a base to defend

It will be possible to team up with friends for playing and Disney will facilitate a "community of Starfighter pilots". The epic space battles take place "in fabled Star Wars locations," we are told. In the brief and not very inspiring trailer, embedded above, you can see the space around the 'Death Star' is featured in what looks like a Team Dogfight. In pictures on the game's website you can see other scenes like around moons and among battlecruiser space ships.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be an F2P title as mentioned in the intro. It looks like the money making aspect of the game for Disney will involve people buying "new items and upgrades" for their ships. These things can be bought with reward points from successful battles but as usual it sounds like people can simply pay for these hard-earned upgrades. Ship customisation and collecting is also mentioned, so players might maintain some kind of space garage. Finally, to keep the coins rolling in, Disney says that players can expect regular updates with "new ships, items and upgrades every month."

Area 52 Games, an outfit experienced in mobile and PC gaming, is the developer. A release date for the game is still to be announced. Of course, the price to play is free.

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Is this new or old because at some parts it looks like JPEG .
I suspect that trailer needs a ‘not actual gameplay footage’ disclaimer. In any case, I'd buy a new X-Wing game in a heartbeat, but I'm really bored of MMO games in general.

I just don't understand the fascination with only playing games against a bunch of strangers on the Internet.
Signed up - want to pilot an X-Wing!
Hmm. Two issues with this….
1) Free to play. Better not be pay to win. If it copies World of Tanks it'll be ok.
2) How have they balanced up the two forces? Being a long term fan of the old TIE fighter game on the PC (showing my age here), the empire pretty much relies on large numbers of unshielded TIE fighters, TIE bombers and TIE Inteceptors (the one pictured in screen shots above - its point unlike the standard TIE) against smaller numbers of shielded xwings/ywings/awings etc which are far harder to destroy. I know there are exceptions to this rule such as the TIE advanced but it will be interesting to see if they worry about this or just bump up the TIEs stats to match the shielded opponents…

(And yes I'm aware how geeky that last point was however I loved that game and pretty much play it to death in my mid teens and hence and can remember it very well).
Re:Cheesemp #2

If they have done a reinforcement style balance (so the empire have weaker units but get more respawns/round) or similar, this would be quite a nice game mechanic that would fit the ‘world’ it is set in. On the other hand, that balance would be rapidly destroyed by upgrades to those weaker units UNLESS spawning a more powerful/upgraded unit used up more resources/respawn points/whatever than spawning the base units. Fixing it like that could ruin games when somebody with little ability (e.g. new to the game who'd bought the upgrades) used up all their side's respawns to come out swinging in a fully kitted ship with all the bells n' whistles and then failed to make use of it/crashed etc. All in all, I hope they've thought it all through!