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Command & Conquer team bring a tank to Gamescom

by Mark Tyson on 22 August 2013, 09:45

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If you are a fan of the Command & Conquer games you might be interested in what EA/Victory Games has brewing for the franchise right now. The game is being prominently featured at Gamescom by EA, rubbing shoulders with the other blockbuster titles at EA’s booth; Battlefield 4, FIFA, Need for Speed Rivals, Titanfall and The SIMS.

The new Command & Conquer (C&C) will be a free-2-play title and is due in 2014. The game will build upon the game which was General/Generals Zero Hour but there will be even more Generals to choose from with varied and sometimes exclusive powers, forces and abilities. Players can also expect brand spanking up to date visuals as the game utilises EA’s Frostbite engine.

The developers, Victory Games, recently announced that campaign missions would be coming to the new game so players can play through the game alone. You can read about the story behind the missions, featuring the Asia-Pacific Alliance (APA), European Union (EU) and Global Liberation Army (GLA) forces here. There’s also a video trailer available on the same page.

The APA Tank at Gamescom

To help make an impact at the crowded Gamescom show in Cologne EA Games constructed a tank to spearhead its Command & Conquer exhibition stand. The games company took a common-or-garden tank into a workshop and transformed it into a double barrelled beast, known in-game as the APA tank.

The C&C team also took to the stage for a press conference about the name game. Two EA community managers, a Mr Krause and Mr Erhard battled to be known as "King of Köln!" in an EU vs GLA duel on stage. We didn’t see that much of the game in the clip shown; both players had already built their bases and were just minutes away from the climax of their battle when the game was resumed for the audience to watch.

I’ve enjoyed many hours over the years playing C&C games such as Red Alert and Generals so am apprehensive of the free-2-play costs that might be associated with playing this up and coming C&C title. EA have opened up a page to register for the beta of the game but as far as I know no one has received access as yet.

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I don't think that even a tank will take away from the fact it's very likely to be a lacklustre game..EA AND F2P..really don't hold out much hope, especially after C&C4 which was a poor deviation from the main series.

I really hope that I am wrong and we see a return to classic C&C action (complete with resource collection, walls, turtling, tank rushes etc)…but with an RTS games the “addon” micropayment side of things has such huge scope that I can see it ruining the game.

Given EA'S tendancy to read “Free to play” as “Pay to Cheat” as evidenced by all their recent games (e.g. BF3's “pay to unlock”), I fully expect to be dissapointed :(

I would put the loss of Westwood studios up there with Mucky Foot, Rare, Bullfrog..a big loss to the industry
One to watch I've been playing the Command & Conquer range of game for years, keep it running
Games for gamers, are run by the gamers these days. I'm so proud of the Forged Alliance Forever community. After official patch support for Supreme Commander stopped and then the official game servers were closed, the talented community developed their own client. Now the game is still popular with a core set of players, maybe a thousand, we develop the game overselves, patch it as we see fit, have online map vaults, chat, official mod support, even added new game modes.

Unfortunately this is the only way to get the game we want, and I suspect it's probably true of most games. The focus on longevity and game experience is only a factor considered if these aspects make money, which most of the time is obviously the reverse.

I'm just glad the mod scene and indie development is alive and healthy.
In my humble opinion nothing will beat C&C3 Tiberium wars, I realize it is a parallel series, but it was by far the best one
Command and Conquer 4 was utter turd and EA know it. Completely different team developing this. If they can recapture the spirit of Command and Conquer: Generals then it could be a winner. Generals never seemed to quite get the recognition it deserved and was very playable (I was playing it yesterday, in fact).