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Func brings new gaming peripherals to Computex 2013

by HEXUS Staff on 5 June 2013, 17:55

Tags: Func Industries

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Consider yourself a Cherry MX Red kind of gamer? Then you're in luck. Func has been showcasing its wares at Computex 2013 and has unveiled the new Func KB-460 mechanical gaming keyboard. Armed with Cherry MX Red switches, full N-key rollover and individual key backlighting, the KD-460 looks both attractive and well built, and will arrive in stores next month priced at $120 (roughly £100 inc. VAT).

Where there's a gaming keyboard a gaming headset usually follows, and Func is readying its own HS-260 for a September 2013 launch. Priced at $80 (roughly £60 inc. VAT), the headset features 50mm drivers and detachable cable and boom, allowing it to double as a quality set of headphones. The HS-260 felt nice and comfortable during our brief demo, but we'll need to experience the promised "extraordinary gaming experience" away from the bustling Computex crowds in order to get a true feel of audio quality.


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I do like the shape of the new mouse though. Might actually add it to my collection.
This guy is actually paid to represent Func? Shame he doesnt know he product as he has to read it off the back drop.
100 Squid is a func-ing redonculous price for that keybored, 75 max methinks…