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Review: Func MS-2

by Ryan Martin on 4 November 2014, 13:00

Tags: Func Industries

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Func is among the oldest brand names in the peripheral market with its roots traceable as far back as 1999. Yet for the bulk of that 15- year existence Func laid dormant, that is, until it was resurrected in late 2012. Since making its return to the peripheral scene, Func has pursued a successful strategy of delivering simple, effective gaming products.

During Computex 2014, Func revealed the MS-2 gaming mouse that was designed with the intention of offering a smaller and slightly more affordable alternative to its bigger brother, the MS-3. The size shrink not only brings with it a reduction in price, as the newly launched MS-2 comes in at a reasonable sub-£40, but also a design better suited to a clawgrip style instead of the palmgrip preference of the MS-3.


Classy and understated is the best way to describe the overall look of the MS-2 with its sleek blend of matte black, glossy black and grey accenting. The shape and ergonomics of the MS-2 makes it an ideal fit for gamers with a clawgrip preference, although a palmgrip is equally as viable if you’re happy to sacrifice the ease of accessing the far-most right button with your ring finger.

For both of the aforementioned grip types this mouse is optimised for right-handed gamers, as left-handed gamers cannot make use of the thumb buttons. Func has opted for a soft-touch finish which keeps the MS-2 feeling comfortable during prolonged usage, even if you have sweaty hands, and preserves the clean aesthetics surprisingly well.

Along the left side of the MS-2 Func has implemented what it calls the “T+4 thumbzone,” which is marketing speak for thumb buttons. The frontmost pair of thumb buttons are the easiest to access as the rear duo requires your thumb to be perpendicular for effective use. On the right there is a single button adjacent to the right-click which is best accessed by the ring finger.

Handling the MS-2 is a pleasant experience. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold while the three sleek Teflon feet help the mouse to glide with minimal resistance. Despite its compact design, the 145 gram weight makes the MS-2 one of the heavier mice available and gamers who like to finetune the weight will be disappointed to know that a weight-adjustment option isn’t available.

The Hardware

Func’s MS-2 makes use of the popular Avago ADNS 3090 optical sensor that tracks using red LED illumination. The decision to equip an optical sensor should ensure strong accuracy and prevent the pointer acceleration associated with laser sensors. For most gamers’ needs the maximum 4,000 DPI is perfectly adequate, especially with support for on-the-fly DPI adjustment.


To go above and beyond the functionality of a basic mouse any self-proclaimed gaming rodent must offer a capable software package. Func’s MS-2 comes with its own model-specific software, taking up less than 10MB when installed, and offers users the chance to configure DPI, sensitivity and polling- rate parameters, record macros, change the scroll-wheel LED and re-map all 10 mouse buttons.

From a value-added perspective the button- assignment tab is the most potent as it allows you to assign mouse buttons a Windows function (such as cut or paste), a media function (like play, pause or mute) or a user-created macro. Even more impressive is the fact you can configure up to three profiles, each with different button assignments, DPI steppings and macros.

Possibilities include having separate profiles for different genres of games (FPS and RTS, for example) where button assignments reflect different in-game macros, and then a third profile for general system usage that assigns most buttons to Windows functions and browser navigation.

One drawback of Func’s MS-2 software is the large DPI increments; 800, 1,600, 3,200 and 4,000.The customisable scroll-wheel LED is compromised slightly because you cannot simultaneously control the colour of the DPI LED indicator - it is always orange, unless you’re switching profiles when it turns white briefly. Unlike the MS-3’s software, the MS-2 lacks the ability to tune lift-off distance, angle snapping and pointer acceleration, although the latter omission is understandable due to the different sensor type that is employed.

Performance and Summary

Func’s MS-2 delivers a smooth gaming experience thanks to its “middle-of-the-road” supported DPI of 4,000 which, in the grand scheme of things, is sensitive enough for gamers playing common titles across all genres. The ability to drop down to 800 DPI, or another user-defined DPI, using the “instant aim” function, provides gamers with the periodic accuracy required to undertake pointer-sensitive tasks. A low lift-off distance, of around 4mm, matched with no noticeable angle snapping, further enhances the preciseness of control.

Button usage provides an equally smooth experience with the Omron switches light but tactile enough for subconscious use. Only the button placed adjacent to the right-click proves somewhat challenging to activate due to the naturally flat resting position of the ring and middle fingers.

The Func MS-2 isn’t the most feature-packed or flashy gaming mouse on the market, granted, but its combination of a classy design, smooth performance, comfortable ergonomics and high-quality construction makes it a good choice at the highly competitive £40 price point. With further refinements to the functionality of the software and the addition of weight-adjustment options the Func MS-2 could pack an even bigger punch.

The Good
The Bad
Comfortable, ergonomic design
Classy aesthetics
Competitively priced
On-the-fly DPI switching
Customisable options
No weight adjustment
No horizontal scroll-wheel movement
Software missing some options

Func MS-2


The Func MS-2 is available to purchase from Ebuyer.


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Been looking to replace my Razer, had 2 break and after the second one they sent me a diff model, and it's a right POS, this looks perfect