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Sniper Elite demo available for download

by Steven Williamson on 27 February 2006, 06:58

Tags: Sniper Elite (PC), FPS

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Better late than never!

Sniper Elite was released way back in the Autumn. The first three missions of the World War II first and third person shooter are now available as a downloadable demo.

The future of post-World War II America is in the player's hands as "Sniper Elite" sets the stage in war-torn Berlin. As battles rages in every city block, the gamer must assume the role of an American sniper and infiltrate enemy lines to steal nuclear technology from the German army. With 28 unique missions, "Sniper Elite" promises the opportunity to hone elite sniping skills, using multiple conditions like gravity, elevation, wind speed, heart rate, and more as key variables. Gamers can take out strategic obstacles like machine gun nests, guard posts, and sentries as they freely explore the smoldering city steeped with enemies, or engage in multiplayer games of cat and mouse with players worldwide

The 630 MB download includes the Karlshorst mission that requires the player to rendezvous with an informant in Berlin.

Play the demo: here

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