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VIP Mod for CS: Source

by Nick Haywood on 13 February 2006, 12:34

Tags: FPS

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Independent mod is supported by Valve Software and Turtle Rock Studios.

Right then, way back in the days of yore, when Half Life was still top dawg in the FPS world, Counter Strike was just starting to build in popularity. Now also back in those days, modding was massive with bedroom coders knocking together everything from simple weapons mods to total conversions.

One mod I remember playing was VIP, where one member of the CTs would be picked at random at the start of each round to be the VIP. If you were the VIP you only got the pistol for a weapon but you did get 200 armour. The object of each round was to get he VIP to a point on the map without him dying whilst the terrorists had to do everything they could to kill the VIP.

So that was all in the past… what’s happening now?

Well after eight months of work PAF Game Comm. are set to release a new VIP mod for CS: Source, letting us have all those tense sprint for the rescue zone moments all over again.

According to their press release:

The only pre-requisite to running this mod on your CS: Source Server is that you have MetaMod: Source installed.

VIP Mod will be released to the public sometime between the 12th and 18th of February 2006.

We will be releasing the Client package via the Vapour Content Delivery System and we will have the server package available for download in a zip file off of the PAF Files Site as well as mirrors such as File Planet and File Front. Fully functioning Windows and Linux versions will be available at the time of release.

VIP Mod received full support from Valve Software and Turtle Rock Studios in the development of this mod for Counter-Strike: Source. In the fall of 2005, employees of Turtle Rock Studios helped in the beta testing process with the mod. Due to the success of the beta tests, Turtle Rock Studios offered to help the VIP Mod Development Team by adding code to the Source Game Engine specifically for use in VIP Mod. In the December 1st 2005 Steam Update news it was reported that they "Exposed VIP player index to plugins/mods". This code helped integrate the independently developed mod with the Source Game Engine flawlessly. The result is a third, independent gameplay mode for Counter-Strike: Source and a full set of high quality maps developed specifically for the release of VIP Mod.

For more info, check out vipmod.punkassfraggers.com/v1readme/index.html