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Battlefield 3 open beta gets a release date

by Steven Williamson on 20 September 2011, 16:39

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), FPS

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Electronic Arts has finally brought word that the highly anticipated Battlefield 3 Open Beta phase will begin on Thursday, September 29th.

Running until October 10th, the Battlefield 3 Open Beta will grant gamers on all platforms early access to DICE's military shooter sequel. Signing up to EA's Origin service is obligatory for all PC players, but Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers will be able to immediately download the game client directly from their respective live services.

If you pre-order Battlefield 3 (PC digital download version) on Origin before September 25th, or if you have bought Medal of Honor: Limited Edition/Tier 1 Edition, you will get 48 hours early access to the Beta, meaning you can start playing Tuesday, September 27th.

For more in-depth questions about the Beta phase, check out the official site.

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What chance are DICE going to have to fix any issues found in the beta when the release is less than a month after!?
The beta will mainly be for stress testing the servers and seeing how they cope with thousands of people playing on them. Any bugs identified with the actual game will be too late to make the “gold master”, but should let them know what needs to be patched day one.

They will have been able to test the game content with their testers, and even a couple of large games filled, but no way to test what will happen when thousands are playing short of having an open beta.
@Odc - Quite high if they don't require many deep changes. Although I code applications not games, the last month of work is where the most progress is made with polishing a product however don't expect massive game changing changes but expect lots of animation/gun balancing type fixes to roll out at high speed.

edit: Yes avenger is correct. I forgot about games having an early master CD however expect lots of little fixes on day one as a result of this.
>Operation Metro.

This thread can now be closed.
As someone who plays way too much BF:BC2, I can't wait for BF3. I really need to get around to preordering it though.