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Medal Of Honor multiplayer recruitment

by Steven Williamson on 27 September 2010, 08:09

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), PC, FPS

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Electronic Arts has begun the recruitment for the multiplayer component of Medal of Honor on PC gamers

The Open Beta will allow players an opportunity to sample Medal of Honor’s multiplayer mode before the full game launches on October 12. For a limited time, PC gamers worldwide are invited to sample two maps and two multiplayer modes. PC gamers can access the Multiplayer Open Beta at

The Medal of Honor Multiplayer Open Beta features two new maps inspired by real world locations: Kunar Base and Shahikot Mountains. Kunar Base is played in the Sector Control multiplayer mode where two sides fight to control tactical sectors of the map. Shahikot Mountains is played in the tactical and objective-based Combat Mission multiplayer mode where gamers battle through a series of objectives to defeat the opposing team. Both modes pit teams of 12 players (total 24 players) against one another with destruction, tactical support actions and a weapon customisation system that generates hundreds of combinations.

In June 2010, Medal of Honor invited thousands of gamers to participate in a Closed Beta Test that granted early access to the game and asked players to offer commentary on areas for improvement. DICE incorporated player feedback , including some notable fixes to the weapons pick-up system (pick up ammunition from downed enemies), hit detection mechanics (accuracy of shot impact), support actions were made more challenging, the unlock tree was expanded and balanced making players ascension to Tier 1 status even more eventful and a major graphics overhaul was implemented.

The open beta kicks off on October 4 and runs until October 7,2010.

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i wasnt impressed by the early beta but it sounds like they have been busy. i hope they fixed the server browser!
got it locked and loaded (excuse the pun :rolleyes:) ready. steam even have up already to d/l
this game also looked terrible to me..i got in on the beta..i could play it for and longer then the hour i had it..i uninstalled it and im awating bf3…that is where the next fps lies