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Bioshock 2 DLC – release postponed

by Matty Hodgson on 28 April 2010, 13:10

Tags: FPS

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Rapture Metro Pack delayed

2K has released details of its upcoming DLC for its excellent first-person shooter, Bioshock 2, and this time around it looks like gamers have much more to look forward to.

The next DLC for Bioshock 2 will include six new maps, three new Achievements for the Xbox360 or three new Trophies for the PlayStation3; 2K have also added a new “rebirth” feature which enables players to reset their account back down to level 1 once they’ve reached level 50, if you are brave enough to do this you’ll be awarded with a special new mask. Also to be included is a new game mode called “Kill ‘Em Kindly”, also available to non-DLC purchasers, which has you fighting purely with melee weapons.

The Rapture Metro Pack was scheduled for a release tomorrow, but this date has been postponed to “in the near future”.

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Thank goodness for that. I haven't even finished the single player of it yet. And I've still got Splinter Cell Conviction to complete. Then mop up Battlefield BC2 achvs. Then there's Red Dead Redemption!! :crazy: