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Crysis 2 will be a multiplatform game

by Steven Williamson on 1 June 2009, 11:43

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), PC, Xbox 360, PS3, FPS

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Electronic Arts announced today that it has agreed to a deal extension with Crytek to publish Crysis 2.

Crytek is building Crysis 2 on their new state-of-the-art multiplatform game development solution CryENGINE 3 for the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC.

“The development of Crysis 2 marks a major stepping stone for our studio,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek. “This is not only the next game in the Crysis franchise, it’s the first title we are developing for consoles and the first title being built on CryENGINE 3. We are excited to have the support of EA Partners again as we work together to make the launch of Crysis 2 a huge event.”

“Nothing speaks more to the success of the EA Partners program than when a studio the caliber of Crytek continues to work with us,” said David DeMartini, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA Partners. “Crytek is already one of the elite PC development studios in the world and we are excited to have the opportunity to partner with them in bringing their award-winning technology and gameplay to more platforms and a wider audience with Crysis 2.”

The first details and screenshots are expected to be revealed at E3 this week.

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No!. Crysis will be ruined! I enjoyed crysis alot and the graphics made it even better but if its a multi platform then it will be crap graphics and will play possibly even worse on pc as ea are bad for porting games.

Well the duo was good now its gone. Great news, not.
Chances of it looking worse than Crysis then?
o dear

edit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps–sUz7oww the engine itself
as long as they do a simultaneous release across the platforms all should be well. just so they don't spark flame wars from whichever gets it first.
oh well end off crysis being good as we know it, making it run on xbolox will surely kill the graphics in the game. What made the original so good was its realistic engine and great graphics they even said no consoles can run it. Now the next one runs on 360 means tons off detail is going to be lost and its going to get turned in to another one off those arcade games where you need live to invite your friends etc :( And i also guess this would mean the end to game support for the pc.

I guess warhead was the last good crysis :)

anyone joins me in a toast to end off good crysis'es?