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Bugs fixed in GTA IV patch

by Steven Williamson on 15 April 2009, 13:12

Tags: Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), PC, Action/Adventure

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Rockstar Games has today released a patch for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV which fixes a few known issues.

Updated automatically via Steam the update includes:

* Interior Lights for ATI 1900 series cards
o All light sources appear for users with 1900 series ATI cards. (ie. Pool Mini Game)
o ALT-TAB fixed

* Graphics Settings
o Added menu option "OFF" for Reflection quality
o Added menu option "OFF" for Shadow quality
* Scrolling signboards
o Activate missing scrolling signboard text (ie. highway signs, Star Junction, Clock Tower Sign)

* Physics optimizations to improve situations with heavy physics calculations (ie. 32 player races)
* Graphical Performance Optimizations

* NAT Type detection
o Detect if user has a "strict" NAT and displays message for user
* Voice chat is received even if your microphone is turned off

* Keyboard / Mouse
o Remapping restrictions removed
o Allow Enter, Backspace, and Arrow keys to be remapped by user
o Allow multiple mouse buttons to be mapped
* Enable/Disable DirectInput in Menu
o Users can now activate/deactivate Direct Input devices from "Controls" menu
o If commandline "-usedirectinput" is active, it will override pause menu setting
* Use 2 direct input devices simultaneously (ie. Wheel and Gamepad)
o Users can now use 2 different controllers at once, including 1 XInput and 1 Direct Input device
* Added more Direct Input / XInput device support
o Saitek P380/P480/P580/P990
o Saitek PS1000/PS2700/P3200/P3600
o Gravis Eliminator Shock gamepad

* Detect modified files and prevent users from entering multiplayer if found
o Game will prompt with a message after blocking user with modified data files from entering multiplayer
o Should prevent multiplayer access from cell phone and GFWL join in progress
* Detect modified / non-original game launcher
o Prevent game from Launching if modifed/non-original game launcher is found

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Well, this was well overdue.

Thanks for the heads-up!
It may be overdue but it still hasn't actually fixed anything! The game still does not work as it should!:crazy:
It may be overdue but it still hasn't actually fixed anything! The game still does not work as it should!:crazy:

The only thing I found that has an impact is to turn down the eye-candy in windows vista/7 rc to ‘best performance’ and the game is actually quite playable!:rolleyes:
now i want a name like 3dfx voodoo 2
:laugh: hasn't aged well