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Shiver me timbers, there's a Pirates OTBS trial key giveaway

by Steven Williamson on 30 September 2008, 10:14

Tags: Pirates of the Burning Sea, Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE:SNE), PC, MMOG

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Developer, Flying Lab Software, is seeking more wannabe pirates for its swashbuckling MMO, Pirates Of The Burning Sea and hopes to tempt you with a 14 day free trial key.

“Our 14-day free trial program is an effort to give everyone a taste of Pirates of the Burning Sea game-play,” said Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software. “People are really going to enjoy their experience with us, and I’m excited to welcome these new members into our community!”

As a captain in Pirates of the Burning Sea, you can choose among the French, Spanish, English, or Pirate nations, playing a naval officer, a freetrader, a privateer, or a pirate as you like. Ship battles take place at sea, where players can destroy or board and seize their competitors’'ship.

On land, a world of swashbuckling adventure awaits full of sword-swinging action. The unique player-driven economy means players can be a captain of industry too, running mines, lumber mills, shipyards and other large-scale operations to produce the tons of goods needed to supply every player in the game with what they need. Through the player-generated content system, players can create their own sail and flag designs to display in game and even model their own ships.

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Download instructions and Trial Keys for new players are available through the Pirates of the Burning Sea website.

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