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Ubisoft Connect merges Uplay and Ubisoft Club on all platforms

by Mark Tyson on 22 October 2020, 12:11

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Ubisoft has announced Ubisoft Connect. This new service effectively replaces both the Uplay store and Ubisoft Club on all platforms with one integrated mobile-friendly destination. Ubisoft Connect is a free service for all those with a Ubisoft account, or are interested in signing up for one. It will go live a week today, on Thursday, 29th October.

The new Ubisoft Connect 'ecosystem' sounds appealingly neat in that it brings together its various services for PC and console gamers under one brand and provides the option of a mobile app.

Depending on the games you play the new ecosystem has a varying scope. In all existing and future Ubisoft live titles (games where you can't pause the action in the live world, like The Division 2) players will get access to the full range of Ubisoft Connect services like stats, leaderboards, rewards, Smart Intel, and challenges. Challenges can be completed to earn in game currency or items. Non-live classic title players will notice that the challenge system isn't active and Ubisoft is going to provide 1,000 reward points in these titles for free as compensation.

A new loyalty program is going to be launched alongside Ubisoft Connect but don't worry - players will find the points they already have are compatible and will be carried over. Currently points are useful for in-game items and discounts on new games purchased in the online store. Ubisoft assures that the transition to Ubisoft Connect won't impact your profile, your friends, your stats, your level, your XP and units.

As Ubisoft has already supplied links to the mobile apps, I decided to click through to find that the links currently point to the Ubisoft Club apps for Android/iOS. Obviously Ubisoft must be planning to replace these apps directly in an update rather than mothball them and set up a new download page. Another UbiSoft Connect access option is to log in via a web browser.

If you still have questions about the new Ubisoft Connect ecosystem you can check out the official web site and there is a FAQ available too.

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And as usual with these kind of ‘improvements’ the whole implementation is a sorry mess.
Games missing from my library on the app and on the site. The app on ios seems nothing but a collection of links which point to the ubisoft site on Safari.
Can't see the point and it's just extra hassle.