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FIFA 09 to get EA's fantasy football treatment?

by Steven Williamson on 17 June 2008, 09:57

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Electronic Arts has today announced that a web-based fantasy football application, which can be downloaded to Xbox 360 and PS3, will launch later in the summer and will allow gamers to port their fantasy football squads into Madden NFL 09.

The application is free online, but will be available to Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers for a fee.

The company has been very vocal this year claiming that it has big plans for its sports' titles and this new application seems a pretty big service to announce for just one game. Surely,it will be looking at integrating a similar service for Xbox 360 and PS3 into its upcoming FIFA 09 game?

“EA SPORTS Fantasy Football this year takes fantasy football leagues to the next level,” said EA SPORTS Fantasy Football Executive Producer Jeremy Strauser. “Through our draft day and live scoring applications we have made fantasy football a truly interactive and innovative experience. In addition, we have created integration between our EA SPORTS Fantasy Football product and Madden NFL 09 which gives the football gamer the complete football gaming experience.”

From the press release:
Exclusive to EA SPORTS Fantasy Football customers, gamers will have the ability to download the EA SPORTS Fantasy Football Live Draft Tracker application and experience a fantasy draft that includes all of the fanfare and presentation of an authentic professional football draft on their Xbox 360 or PLAYSTATION 3. The days of paper draft boards are over and gamers can view video clips and hear the EA Experts team provide commentary on top players. Moreover, gamers will be able to track their EA SPORTS Fantasy Football teams and leagues through the EA SPORTS Fantasy Football Live Score Tracker application, which is also available via download from Xbox LIVE or PLAYSTATION 3 Network. The fantasy scores can be viewed in two ways: full screen mode with complete rosters and details or picture-in-picture mode which allows gamers to keep an eye on scoring updates while watching live football action.

If you’ve ever wanted to test your fantasy team against others in the Madden NFL franchise, EA SPORTS Fantasy Football now gives you the opportunity. Through the website, players designate which fantasy team will be imported into Madden NFL 09. This fantasy team is a fully-functional created team and can be played in all areas available to created teams, including online head-to-head games, providing the ultimate football gaming experience.

The service can be found at: fantasy.EASPORTS.com

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