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Epic's 12 days of free games starts Thursday

by Mark Tyson on 16 December 2019, 11:11

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The Epic Games Store has given away quite a lot of games since its inception. These giveaways, as well as timed exclusives, greater developer revenue shares, and the usual sales seasons have all been used as tools to grow the store - facing tough opposition from the established Steam Store.

Now Epic Games has announced its latest promotional onslaught, timed to cover the Christmas and New Year festive season - 12 Days of Free Games. That's twelve free games to be unwrapped by digital video games collectors over the holiday, or more if Epic doubles up on some days.

Unfortunately at the time of writing there isn't a hint, however obtuse, about what free titles will be up for offer. Looking at the giveaways from the past, one should expect a mix of obscure but worthy titles with a smattering of bigger names.

As the free giveaways begin, on Thursday 19th December, so does the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale. The free event and Holiday Sale run concurrently until 1st January 2020.

At the time of writing it is worth mentioning that Epic's The Game Awards sale is currently live but will shutter at some point today. It has a number of decent discounts on AAA titles and its current PC exclusives like Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus (see screenshot above).

Last but not least, again at the time of writing, and up to the start of the Holiday Sale, Epic is giving away two games; The Wolf Among Us from TellTale Games, and "a unique prison sandbox experience," from Team17 by the name of The Escapists.

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The Epic client really needs a download limiter. Thought I should open it as it's been a while and it downloads 200MB+ for itself which makes my remote session lag like mad, then starts on a 6GB update. Will try that again over lunch maybe…
I quite like the Epic stuff, there's been a few good little free games that help pass the time this year..
Facing touch opposition?? All sounds a bit kinky!
Do they have a wishlist feature yet?
There's a couple of games I'd like to bookmark for when they fall to more sensible prices…
Thank you for mentioning The Escapists, I'd missed that. I have it already (looks like my type of game, but couldn't enjoy it)

Added it to the boys account as he likes it, so much appreciated.