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FIFA 09 first details emerge

by Steven Williamson on 26 May 2008, 10:00

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US mag, Gamepro has revealed the first details on the next iteration in Electronic Art's FIFA series, which will apparently boast 'considerable gameplay improvements'.

One of the major enhancements this year will be increased responsiveness around the pitch. This will mean they'll be more shoving and jostling for position and more accuracy in the passing and dribbling movements.

An enhanced version of the FIFA 08 engine is currently being used in UEFA EURO 2008 and it sounds like FIFA 09 will essentially be a slightly tweaked version of that. That's not a bad thing, because UEFA EURO 2008 is a great game of football. Check out our UEFA EURO 2008 review for more details.

Like UEFA EURO 2008, EA say that FIFA 09 will also be "much faster and more realistic" with enhanced customisation options allowing you to chose different skill sets for your players.

Once again, the Be A Pro mode returns, but there's no mention of the superb Captain Your Country' mode that is currently in UEFA. If they can bring that feature to league teams, it will be amazing.

Gamepro also say that penalty kick takers, look away now John Terry, may even cry when they miss a penalty.

It's going to be interesting to see the final list of features and to see just how much EA has really done to improve on FIFA 08.

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