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EA shows off Battlefield V, Anthem, and Sports games at E3

by Mark Tyson on 11 June 2018, 11:01

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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Battlefield V

EA held a live reveal event for Battlefield V just over a fortnight ago. It kept back some details for its EA Play event at E3 2018 just ahead of the weekend and the most significant stuff was all about multiplayer modes. The official multiplayer trailer isn't very illuminating but EA sanctioned a five minute 'Grand Operations' gameplay example video, embedded below.

Following in the footsteps of two of the most popular PC games of the moment, Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the new Battlefield game will include a 'battle royale' mode (last man standing) on a World War II battlefield.


Anthem from BioWare is a shooter-RPG game that is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 22nd Feb 2019. This is a shared world RPG where players can don powered armoured suits and play cooperative missions.

BioWare is best known for its epic science fiction titles in the Mass Effect series and the impressive game engine footage, above, shows humans exploring and in combat wearing Javelin exosuits to thrive in savage environments.

Command & Conquer Rivals

I still often dabble in C&C Red Alert and C&C Generals, so was excited to see Command & Conquer Rivals announced. Before we go any further it is important to note that this is a mobile game and it will be free-to-play. That raises the spectre of microtransactions but EA says that anything that's able to be bought will also be available for free simply by playing the game.

Redwood Studios started working on this game about two years ago. This is a GDI vs NOD affair, and whichever side you pick you can choose one of three commanders with special abilities. EA says the new mobile game takes advantage of mobile's touch interface, screen size, and on-the-go sessions. Touch screen and RTS should be great together and EA says that it will deliver an RTS experience focused on competition, skill, and strategy.

A pre-alpha has been announced but is only open to Android users in the US and Canada right now. If you reside elsewhere, EA says it is still worth pre-registering for Android and iOS at www.cncrivals.com.

Other EA games news

Other notable nuggets from the EA Play event are that there are lots of EA SPORTS titles on the way. FIFA 19 has swiped the Champions League license from Rivals Konami and PES. For American football, Madden NFL19 is coming to PC (for the first time since 08), alongside Xbox One and PS4. NBA Live 19 was announced alongside a new trailer.

Outside of sports titles EA's new Unravel Two platfromer is out now. This cute game has a local cooperative mode, see above. EA released the Sea of Solitude trailer too, about a lonely girl's adventure, as reproduced below.

Star Wars fans might be interested in the Clone Wars DLC for Star Wars Battlefront 2. The next Star Wars title, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, will be developed by Respawn and takes place in a darker universe.

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Command & Conquer Rivals - Good to see EA stamping on the grave of c&c and westwood some more. Really not missing EA since I gave up on them after BF3…
Can't remember the last time I played an EA game Tbh, felt pretty ripped off after buying BF1.
Command & Conquer Rivals - Good to see EA stamping on the grave of c&c and westwood some more. Really not missing EA since I gave up on them after BF3…

Oddly that was the last EA game I purchased, it was a good game, just got dumped far too early for BF4.