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Cash for kills Kwari launches in Europe

by Steven Williamson on 16 January 2008, 09:06

Tags: FPS

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Pay for ammo

London-based games publisher, Kwari, has confirmed that their skill-based online-first person shooter, is now available for free in Europe.

Kwari’s launch heralds a brand new concept in gaming for the PC. The game combines the action of an FPS, similar in style to games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, but with a money mechanic designed into the DNA of the game and massive cash prizes.

Described as ‘cash for kills’, Kwari is entirely skill-based and all money players put into the game is taken out by players. Unlike subscription-based and pay-per-play models, Kwari sells players ammo to use in the game at a cost of $5 for 5000 rounds, meaning the player can be as frugal or extravagant as they choose.

The game uses a skill matching system that places players of similar ranking together, ensuring accessibility to all and not just the gaming elite. Money can be won by shooting other players, or by collecting keys to unlock hourly, daily, monthly, and quarterly jackpots – the latter of which is expected to exceed $250,000 as the number of players rapidly increases.

“Whether you’re playing a sport, a card game, or a computer game, as soon the opportunity to win money is introduced, the whole dynamic of a game and the way you play it changes forever,” said Eddie Gill, founder and creator of Kwari. “What we’ve intentionally created with Kwari is an environment which presents everyone with an equal opportunity to win that money, based on a style of game everyone knows how to play.”

Al King, marketing Director of Kwari, said, “Unlike games you buy from retail, Kwari is free to download. Our model also allows us to keep adding new levels and extra content over time, so the game will keep on getting bigger and better.” He added, “Pre-launch support for the game has been fantastic and the whole concept will undoubtedly spark considerable debate.”

The game is now available to download for free at

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cash for kills was done a few years ago in a game called “Risk your life”
few of my online buddies left neocron to play it - don't know if its stil going though.
cash for kills was done a few years ago in a game called “Risk your life”
few of my online buddies left neocron to play it - don't know if its stil going though.

Really. I guess it wasn't much of a success then. Have to say, this doesn't appeal to me.
to be honest, even at the time it looked VERY simplistic, you might be able view clips on youtube but i cant check from work.
you actually make money in game, spend it on upgrades and can cash in when ever.

does'nt appeal to me either to be honest - bit of an over the top concept on online fps/tps
I will be playing this title, and probably reviewing it, so I'll let you know what I think.
An FPS Gambler is a game geek's Casino :D
God Bless Technology :D