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Mass Effect: Andromeda 10 hour trial available on all platforms

by Mark Tyson on 14 July 2017, 13:01

Tags: Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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About four months ago a Mass Effect: Andromeda 10 hour 'Play First' trial first became available for PC gamers, via Origin Access. It was so named because it went live about a week before the game was released. Now EA has made a 10 hour trial mode open for all, you no longer need to be an Origin Access subscriber. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can access Mass Effect: Andromeda trials here, and here respectively.

At launch there were reports of a shaky / buggy / issue-prone start for the game. For example VG247 said it was "rough as guts", and the 'Play First' trial demonstrated that first hand to anyone who subscribed to Origin Access, and had the foresight to try it before they considered paying for the game. It's an approx 45GB download required to test it out. If you opt to purchase your progress in single and/or multiplayer will be carried over to the fully enabled game.

Now it seems like EA / BioWare have ironed out the worst performance and graphical wrinkles and are keen for would be buyers of this latest instalment of Mass Effect to give it a try in its more polished form. The trial won't cost you anything and 10 hours is a decent amount of time to get a grip of the game and its mechanics, and how it performs on your system, for example.

BioWare recently added the Batarians to the game (see above), as well as the 'Platinum' difficulty level for its multiplayer Apex missions. People are still awaiting news of the first single player DLC, but such expansions may not ever arrive according to some insider rumours.

The Mass Effect: Andromeda Standard Edition costs £24.99 in the UK. The Deluxe Version costs £27.49 and includes the Pathfinder Elite Weapon set, Scavenger armour, and more.

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It's doing that badly?

Shame. I absolutely loved Mass Effect 1-3…
thats for me then :)
I loved the original trilogy and was hyped for the release,but the whole launch was a shambles,with poor animations and bugs which would not look out of place from some Steam early access title and apparently it does not have the greatest writing either,and it put me off entirely. I ended up buying Overwatch instead and that has been really fun to play.
Can you progress as far as you want ? Or , is it one 1 hour level you can play for 10 hours?
It wear an EA tag.. that is enough to scare me away, it is a shame though, but made a vow to self to never buy anything branded EA again since the huge failure in the SWBF.