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Spielberg and EA to reveal project at GDC

by Steven Williamson on 12 December 2007, 14:13

Tags: Puzzle

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Uncovering Boom Blox

Following the announcement of the collaboration between Electronic Arts and movie director Steven Spielberg in 2005, which has seen the pair joining forces to create three new videogames, both parties are set to unveil further details on what they've been up to at next year's Games Development Conference in San Francisco.

It was at GDC earlier this year where EA revealed that they were working on three new IPs with Spielberg and it's at the same event in 2008 where they'll unveil their progress.

The title that will be presented will be a puzzle game for Wii, which was known as PQRS, but has now changed name to Boom Blox. The game is said to be similar to block building game Jenga. "It runs on top of a physics program that lets you manipulate blocks with the Wii remote as if it were an extension of your hand, " stated MSNBC. Spielberg believes that Boom Bloxwill be a game that all the family will be able to enjoy.

It sounds rubbish, along the same lines as Mercury Meltdown, but I suppose we could be surprised.

Spielberg and EA will be at the conference to talk more about the project between February 18 – 22 where we should see the first trailer, and hopefully some gameplay footage.

The second game, for Xbox 360 and PS3, is currently known as LMNO and will see us in the guise of an ex secret agent who boast special powers. It appears that you'll be able to influence the outcome of the game by deciding whether you want your character to follow a good or bad path through the story. It is "a contemporary action-packed adventure that puts you in the leading role of an emotional journey where your actions tell the tale".

We still have no idea what the third game will be, but with Spielberg at helm we're expecting something totally original.

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What I don't understand is why Steven Spielberg is attached to a puzzle game, shouldn't they have him off working on something along the lines of Fahrenheit and put his strengths as a film director to better use?

btw, changing the spelling of Spielberg in the thread title couldn't hurt ;)