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Minecraft hits 3 million sales

by Stephen Coleman on 8 August 2011, 12:25

Tags: Puzzle

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Swedish indie game developer Markus Persson has revealed that his sandbox building game, Minecraft, has now sold a staggering three million copies.

The critically-acclaimed title, still only a beta, allows players to build constructions in a 3D world and has soared to popularity since its introduction in mid-2009.

The first full, non-beta release is scheduled to launch later in the year at a cost of €20, but for the eager, you can pay €14.95 to access Minecraft in its currently unfinished state, plus a full copy once it's released.

In addition to the existing PC installment, Minecraft will also be made available on iOS, Android and Xbox 360, with the latter allowing for controller-free Kinect interactivity and cross-platform functionality between PC and Xbox.

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Never played it. So what else can you do other than build buildings? Can you socialise in a virtual world?
There are a lot of multiplayer servers out there and some are pretty well populated.

Its just finding them, Hexus have one (provided by Allen)
I haven't tried minecraft in a while, but I did get bored of it pretty quickly. I found Terraria more fun though, which is similar to minecraft, I definitely got my money's worth out of it. There seems to be an explosion of indie games since minecraft got big, which is excellent, and minecraft hitting 3 million sales is amazing.
Never played Minecraft before, however I find myself captivated by watching a few youtube minecraft tutorials…
“I need to find some leather but cant find any cows … and you can't make armour out of chickens”
There are a lot of mods and texture packs out there that really make the game better as well as custom dungeon maps where you have set rules and goals and stuff. It is pretty awesome.