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Half of PC gamers wait for sales to buy their games says survey

by Mark Tyson on 11 September 2014, 09:49

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The NPD Group recently published its Understanding PC Gaming: 2014 report. The report suggests the continuous waves of sales and discounts available for PC games means many wait for sales before purchasing any PC game title at all. The availability of these sales and deep discounts is good for players right now but there are worries the lack of full-price sales could stifle the industry. Another of the key findings of the report is that 37 per cent of the US population aged over 9 years old could be classified as PC gamers, spending an average of 6.4 hours per week on the activity.

Heavy Core, Light Core, and Casual PC gamers

NPD divides PC gamers into three distinct segments; Heavy Core, Light Core, and Casual PC gamers. To be a Heavy Core gamer you will be spending five or more hours per week playing what the researchers call 'core games' which include Action/Adventure, Fighting, Flight, Massively Multi-Player (MMO), Racing, Real Time Strategy, Role-Playing, Shooter, or Sport games. These individuals make up just 20 per cent of PC gamers.

A 'core' gamer, probably heavy

Light Core gamers play the same 'core games' as the Heavy Core but do so for under 5 hours per week and make up 24 per cent of PC gamers. Finally Casual PC gamers make up the biggest market segment but only play 'non core' games. The NPD hasn't given any figures for how long Causal PC gamers play per week.

Comparing these three groups the researchers say that the Heavy Core has spent about twice as much as the Casual PC gamers over the preceding quarter. "Heavy Core and Light Core are comprised mainly of men while Casual PC gamers are overwhelmingly female," according to NPD. However there are many female Casual PC gamers so the total ratio of PC gamers is 51:49 men to women. Overall the PC gamer is said to have an average age of 38 and be part of a household with average income of $69,000.

Waiting for the sales

A key finding of the NPD report is that "half of all PC gamers have grown accustomed to waiting for a sale before making a purchase". As you might expect, and is probably fair, digital download games buyers are far less likely to pay full price for a game. The NPD report says that the consumer expectations of "a sale right around the corner" could be damaging for the PC games industry as spending isn't as high as it could be. The key, going forward, is to "better manage these expectations" said an NPD Group analyst.

The NPD Understanding PC Gaming: 2014 report was based upon a June 2014 survey of 6225 individuals aged 9 and older, with 2312 qualifying as PC gamers.

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Or “half of gamers think rrp too high”
Or “half of gamers think rrp too high”

Definitely! I couldn't afford to play PC games if they were the same price as console games. Although at least console games can be sold second-hand. Then again, I probably wouldn't have about 20 unplayed games on Steam if it weren't for the sales! :rolleyes:
Or “half of gamers think rrp too high”
+ I'm tight
Personally I thing that PC gamers, having been around longer, are a little more careful of paying £50 for a steaming pile of ****e! Oh how many times have we been sold on the dream only to find that the really cool game play shown in the video or the demo…oh my god demos!… was all there was to the game in total?

I think there should be a basic wage for games… like £1 per hour of game play (excluding cutsceans and quicktime events (which should be banned). I would pay 50 quid for 50 solid hours of game play…
There are two problems ‘damaging’ PC gaming. One is the rip-off DLC model where gamers pay £40 to £60 for a title, then another £20.00 to £30.00 for DLC add-on(s). The second is the free-to-play model with a good example being Ghost Recon Phantoms. I really like the game and would happily part with the usual £40 to £50 for the ‘full game’, but using this model, they expect us to fork up £463.76 in order to get ‘all of the game’ and that's just not acceptable!

If this really is the future for the platform, then count me out. I buy a game to play it, not be played by the developers. If it comes to it, I'll happily start warezing these games or I won't bother at all. So with this in mind, plus that fact that there are no demos any more, can they blame us for waiting for sales? ….Even then, half of the games I buy, turn out to be a disappointment anyway.