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Prostitutes up in arms over GTA

by Steven Williamson on 16 February 2006, 13:58

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE)

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Call for Boycott

Prosititutes or sex workers, as they're fondly known as, are up in arms over the portrayal of violence in Grand Theft Auto. They are now added to a long list of other angry factions, fuming at the violent aspect of the award winning franchise.

The sex workers outreach project stated that the GTA series, "accrues points to players for the depiction of the rape and murder of prostitutes" and therefore should be boycotted by parents.

A statement on the SWOP website reads, " the interest of furthering sex workers' human and civil rights to life and personal safety, we object to any media which represents sex workers as legitimate targets of violence, rape and murder. Censorship is a blight on the freedoms we hold dear but we wholeheartedly encourage citizens to vote with their dollars by refusing to purchase products which encourage the denigration and destruction of prostitutes. Since the video game Grand Theft Auto accrues points to players for the depiction of the rape and murder of prostitutes, SWOP-USA calls on all parents and all gamers to boycott Grand Theft Auto."


Steven Williamson of HEXUS.gaming writes:
Now hang on a minute, they firmly believe in having freedoms, such as prostituting their bodies for cash, but they don't agree to other people's freedoms to play the games they want. I have no objection to sex workers setting up licensed brothels, but to a lot of people the idea of selling your body for cash is disgusting and morally wrong. Sex workers are strewn all across the internet, with their own escort websites and company websites, I object to the fact that children are exposed to such sites, but I accept the fact that this is their choice and their freedom.

Now the murdering and rape of prostitutes in GTA could have been omitted. It's a bad subject to glamourise, but it is something that has been happening in society long before GTA. I don't believe that a game would lead to increased attacks on prositutes, they're totally barking up the wrong tree.They need to look at reasons as to why soceity is becoming more violent, such as poverty stricken states in the U.S, poor education and a decline in family values.

The big issue with GTA is ensuring that children are not exposed, parents need to be re-educated on the games they are buying for their children.

GTA is a fun game to to play, there will also be some sick individuals who will commit crimes no matter what, I personally don't see the connection with violence in the 'real' world and violence in games.

Whatever next? Criminals of Great Britain complaining that they get a harsh deal in GTA?

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LOL The news is getting better and better each and every day now.

Wonder who's going to complain tomorrow?

The national union of mine workers complaining about Manic Miner?

Why can't someone tell them to a) Take a deep breath and b) Remember its only a “game”, be it quite a realistic game, but a game neverless :)
Ah, good to see the sex-workers believe parents should be responsible for how their children treat their prostitutes…
Well there was an issue when Wanted Monty Mole came out during the Miners Strike - because of the graphic of “King Arthur” in one of the last rooms in the game…
How the hell can a group of glorified hookers discuss the moral qualities of a video game? I'm waiting for Hilary and the prostitutes to team up on this… I'm sure Bill'd love that. :D
Hilary and the prostitutes

Sounds like a popular Girlband…