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Sony launches open beta of PlayStation Suite SDK

by Alistair Lowe on 19 April 2012, 11:00

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE)

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Today Sony takes a big step forward in the world of homebrew and inde content, with the announcement that the open beta of the PlayStation Suite SDK 0.98 is now available for immediate download.

The PlayStation Suite SDK contains the full range of development tools necessary to produce games and apps for 'PlayStation Certified' devices, that includes the PS Vita and many Sony smartphones and tablets, with more devices expected to hit the market in the future.

Sony PlayStation Suite SDK

Bundled with the software is a full integrated development environment (IDE), a user interface (UI) designer and a simulator for testing games on the PC. The SDK includes libraries for basic graphics and sound, along with more in-depth libraries for 2D game engines, including physics support. Full samples of both 2D and 3D games and applications are supplied and a separate download is available to allow testing on the devices themselves.

The SDK is expected to exit beta later this year, with Sony looking at a pricing structure similar to the Apple iOS App Store, with the firm confirming a $99 per year subscription, though with a royalty system and associated prices yet to be confirmed.

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Note: This is Mono. The IDE is MonoDevelop, the runtime is Mono. Plus a GUI editor for making GUIs.
Ah nice, good to see it is Mono, will be downloading this later!
I am a fan of C# as far as managed languages go, though for anything 3D I'd probably stick with a game engine, I'm hoping Vita support wont be far away.