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Codies focus on simulation authenticity for latest F1 game

by Steven Williamson on 26 April 2010, 11:15

Tags: Codemasters, Racing

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The car handling in F1 2010 will focus on simulation authenticity, developers Codemasters Studios revealed today in the second F1 2010 developer video.

“The preference has always been to go down the simulation path,” said Stephen Hood, Chief Games Designer. “You can make a realistic sim easier to play for somebody but it’s very difficult to take an arcade handling system and make that appeal to people who prefer simulation handling.”

The ‘Handling’ developer diary also features new gameplay footage and former FORMULA ONE test driver Anthony Davidson, discussing the development team’s aim to create the “most authentic experience possible.”

In the developer diary, Anthony Davidson explains the unique ‘twitchy’ way in which FORMULA ONE cars handle and how this is translated into authentic gameplay. His experience, combined with real world data and feedback from the teams, drivers and tyre manufacturers is enabling the F1 2010 team to bring alive the sensation of being an FORMULA ONE racing driver. As in real life, aerodynamics plays a pivotal role in racing, and players will feel how cars can corner at extremely high speed yet perform very differently at lower speeds.

FORMULA ONE fans can view the new developer diary at

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